01 April 2012

Happy Birthday to My Toy Boy

Some might call me a cradle snatcher.
Others might say, "RRRRrrrrroooowwww! Cougar!"
Whatever the label, I am proud to be the owner of a Younger Man.

Age is a state of mind, according to some. Age doesn't matter.
Of course when I headed off for my first day of school, I might have been shocked to know that my future husband was toddling around in nappies.
When I was in sixth form, I wouldn't have dreamt of "going round" with a turd-former.
When you're young, age differences are huge.

But once you get past 25, age means less.
When there's slim pickings for decent blokes when you're thirty, a 26-year-old hottie should never be ruled out.

I first met my Toy Boy when he was a sweet-cheeked twenty-two.
I always thought he was hot, but when I found out his vintage, I backed away slowly.
"Too young," I thought to myself. I was then twenty-six (and everyone knows that girls mature faster than guys, so a 22-year-old guy is about as grown up as an 18-year-old girl, at best).

A few years later, a few years wiser, we crossed paths again.
This time it was right person, right time.
Our four years in age difference had shrunk to insignificance.

He was now a mature and confident Man, not a cocky big-mouthed Lad.
And here we are thirteen years later, sharing another birthday on April Fools.

Now my Toy Boy is thirty-nine.
(One more year til he joins me on the Other Side of the Hill.)
He has more grey hair than me (since the birth of our daughter); I think it suits him. He's more "George Clooney" than "Mr Hooper".
The kids can't believe their Dad is younger than me: "But he's got more grey hair!" they exclaim.
We won't tell them about the bottle of Nice-n-Easy stashed in the bathroom cupboard, will we??

As this (hopefully bright and sunny) April day dawns, let me remind you that although Mr G's birthday falls on April 1st, HE IS NO FOOL (since he was born after 12pm).
So no jokes OK?

I'm now up to the bit where I wish my tall strong Handsome Younger Man
a very happy thirty-ninth birthday.

Enjoy it Babe, soak up the love, the attention and the Acts of Service.
Make the most of the Breakfast in bed, the presents, the birthday lunch, the Tiramisu.
I hope you enjoyed your Paint-ball Surprise (complete with the chillybin of drinkies and basket of yummies). You are loved and admired by more people than you know, with Me and Your Kids at the head of the line. We are your Number One Fans.

Happy Birthday Lovely Mr G.
1 April 2012

P.S. Dave the Female Cat has promised to behave and not upstage you this year like she did on your birthday last year - when she disappeared and left the kids too bereft and upset to wish you Happy Birthday. She then rubbed salt in the wound by turning up at dinnertime just as you were in the middle of your Birthday Thankyou Speech... it goes to show what a kind and forgiving person you are that Dave loves you the best out of all of us.

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Sophie Slim said...

Yay! Have fun celebrating birthdays! Hehehehehe I loved the final say about the cat - So good! hahahahaha

Hope its a great day for your whole family and he loves the surprises! :)

Sammy said...

Happy Birthday to our most loved Mr G! We know you so well and love you more and more as we know you better. We are such fans!!!!

Sammy said...

P.S. Hope Dave does not upstage you today!!!!

jacksta said...

happy birthday mr G!

Little Gumnut said...

Happy Birthday Mr G! I still think you look like Gerard Butler just a little bit!

PaisleyJade said...

How awesome - love the story of how you guys met up. Happy Birthday Mr G!!!

Miriam said...

Happy Celebration Day to y'all. Great post.

Neetz said...

Awww.. I love this :) Happy birthday Mr G :) and fwaaaaa! you cougar you!! ;)

Man... I'm forty this year... on the 12th of the 12th :) haha. Im still deciding whether to have a party or not?!

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