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Welcome to the page for PR companies and others who have something to promote. Let's start a conversation about how we can form a mutually beneficial partnership where you sponsor me and I help promote you.

reviews & giveaways

When I recommend something to my readers, it's because I genuinely love it and think they will too. If you think I might love your product or service, you are welcome to contact me and offer your product/service for review. If I think it's something I and my readers would be interested in, I can promise you'll end up with a great story.
For me to say yes to a review or partnership, it must be a good fit for my blog and be of benefit and interest to my readers (and my family).  
As a reader, this means if I endorse something, you know I mean it. As a company, you know that my endorsement has value, and my readers trust me.

Here are a few examples of reviews and sponsored posts I've written in the past...

Spring Declutter (with Tupperware giveaway)
School Holiday Cookie Fun (With KiwiCakes)
> A Woodland Campfire Party (with KiwiCakes & PopRoc Parties)
> Sports Party (with Bumper Ball)
>How to Construct a Gingerbread House (
A Christmas Fashion Photo Shoot (Pumpkin Patch)
Interview with a Nit Buster (The Nit Crew)
Lego Creationary (Like Pictionary but cooler)
Goodbye Forever, Duraseal (EziCover)
I Heart Movies (and Fatso)

I have written posts and done giveaways for a select group of products/companies. 

mutually beneficial partnerships

One example of a great working relationship is my partnership with KiwiCakes for my famous kids parties. KiwiCakes supplies me with baking and cake decorating supplies and when I write my party posts I link directly to products from their range so readers can easily re-create my parties. It's a natural fit and a great working relationship.

Other favourite examples include Fatso, the DVD rental company where I wrote a series of sponsored Family Movie review posts, and my Spring Declutter series with partners "Be Organised" and "Tupperware", which was a huge hit with readers.

is your company a good fit for my blog?

Products and services which are most likely to be accepted for review include:
  • Books (teen and adult fiction)
  • Kids toys, games, gadgets & apps (suitable for kids aged 9-14 years)
  • Family activities, services or useful products
  • Party products and services
  • Movies and Games (TV & Movie Streaming, PS3, Wii)
  • Family Travel & Holiday Opportunities (local and international)
  • Home decor and DIY products

advertising & partnership

If you are interested in partnering with my blog or simply purchasing some advertising space, please contact me at and I will send you my latest stats and advertising rates.

All advertisements must be for products or services that fit with the content, values and readership of my blog (see above).


my followers

I work hard to promote my blog through social networking and have a steadily growing band of loyal followers.

  • Pinterest = 1500+ followers
  • Facebook = 1000+ followers (Posts on Facebook often have "Reach" exceeding follower numbers)
  • Twitter = 400+ followers
  • Instagram = 600+ followers
  • Google Friend Connect =  700+ followers

One third of my visits are from returning readers. Two thirds are first-time visitors who come looking for specific posts e.g. the kids party ideas, free printables and blog tips which I specialise in.

New readers come here looking for party ideas, how to's and free printables as well as helpful Blog Tips and I work hard to ensure that Great Fun etc is a great resource for parents, party planners and new Bloggers, as well as a fun, inviting, warm and welcoming place to visit.

Once people land here, they tend to stick around. Many readers have commented that they've spent hours "lost in my blog".

what my readers say:

"Just wanted to drop you a line and say a big Thank You! I have a two year old and a three week old. As you can imagine, not getting a lot of sleep here so I was thrilled to find your blog. I have gone back to your very first post and have read my way through to your most recent one over the last few weeks. Your posts have made me smile, laugh and think while I have been up on the lonely, dark nights/mornings feeding my little girl.  You are a really talented writer and your honest, original voice rings through. Please keep writing so I can keep reading! " >JENN, NZ
"I owe you a massively huge amazing big THANK YOU SO MUCH for being your real, creative, out-there, fabulous self and for sharing it all with the world on your brilliant blog. I would not have had the guts to do [my son's party] without your advice and inspiration. Thank you so much. By being your great self you have made me a bigger, more confident, happier me. So thank you!! That's all I can say!!!" >LISSY, UK 

"Thanks Simone for such a wonderful site. You put a lot of thought into it. You are helping and entertaining many people out there. So glad I found your site. Keep it up (please)." >FRAN, AUSTRALIA 

"I just wanted to send this little note to say thank you so much. I just found your website by chance after a google search for social media icons. I have actually been trying for a couple of days to add social media buttons to my new website and had no luck in trying to figure out how to do it. I had all but given up and then foundyour site so am absolutely thrilled. I cannot thank you enough for everything. I'm so happy and so grateful." >TINA, USA 
"I love the energy and vitality with which you write. I'm so glad you put all the good posts together, I totally plan on sitting down and reading them all. My favourite post was the one with the Carnival party, it was mind-blowingly good. I'm the mum who bakes a cake and hangs bunting and calls it a party. You are amazeballs! I wish I had a lemonade stand like yours, it is adorable. I'm so glad I've got to meet you, and know your heart which is incredible."  >DEB, NEW ZEALAND

work with  me

My readership is international, with the highest proportion coming from North America (5000+ individuals per month) even though I am in New Zealand; the second largest group is from Australasia (4000+ individuals per month).

The best way for you to work with me is if we form a mutually beneficial sponsorship partnership, which may include (but is not limited to)...
  • A one-off feature review of an approved product or service (it must meet the guidelines for relevance and interest to my readership in order to be accepted for review). Writing fee of $200 per post.
  • A blog post or series where we incorporate the sponsor's products or services into our activities e.g. parties, movie nights, travel, decluttering in return for free products or services (to the value of not less than $200 per post) which includes...
  • A clickable banner ad running at the bottom of the blog window or the series of sponsored posts, linking to either the review or the sponsor's website AND a 260x150px sidebar ad, linked to either the blog post series or the sponsor's website (sponsor'schoice).
Contact me for my latest stats and to begin a discussion about working together. I look forward to hearing from you.discuss details: