17 January 2012

An Impromptu garden Party

School Holidays in full swing. Where are you, Summer?
Oh there you are!
Finally a day dawns warm and sunny. A day empty of plans.

We call some friends, promising an impromptu tea party.
Hang a mosquito net from a tree. Haul out pillows, rugs, beanbags.
Turn two crates and a plank into a picnic table, covering it with gingham.

We bake cupcakes and ice them pink.

Correction. I bake cupcakes and ice them pink.
The girls are too busy having fun in the garden to bother with baking.

A feast is assembled. Cherries and strawberries, pikelets with sprinkles.

The girls' eyes widen as I bring out the goodies, tray by tray.

This day is perfect for a girly garden party.
We toast each other with grape juice and pink lemonade.
Even the uncut grass is picturesque, when viewed through my camera lens.

We shoo away scavenging boys, glad we set up our pretty feast in the front garden.
We promise them the leftovers.
Miraculously they leave us alone, too busy scootering to bother us for long...

The girls are well-pleased with their impromptu garden party...

Time for some music, they say.

Music and dancing. It's just not a party without dancing...

Later, when the party-goers have moved on, I claim the garden pavilion for myself.
Stretch out in the sun-dappled shade on pillows, with my book.
Dave the Female Cat stretches out beside me, the only sound, her purring.

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Cat said...

you are such a good mamma!!!
well just was visiting Weza and I have to say the same thing here as I did there
so funny to see all the summer fair when we are currently having a snow storm!
love it
weather diversity

Love and Light

GypsyFox said...

gorgeous, just gorgeous!!!!

Jen said...

sounds very nice and yummy

Sophie said...

ahhh so lovely! You're such a talented chick Simoney!

remaliah said...

It looks like a perfect use of a summer's day! And better yet when you can enjoy it too! Hope the summer days continue to be warm and sunny there from now on x

Weza said...

looks like bliss.

Unknown said...

OH goodness! That looks like so much fun! I bet they had a blast! I'll have to keep that one on the backburner as something to remember to do after I have my little girl (and she gets older of course).

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