About Me

Welcome to my little corner of the Blogisphere; I'm so very glad you dropped by.  Let me introduce myself properly... 

i'm simone

...Mother, Blogger, Party Nut, Book Lover, Human Being.
I love to tell stories and share my struggles honestly but with hope.
I love to make things beautiful and memorable. 
I love all kinds of celebrations and making the everyday special.
Here on my blog I share my foibles and failures as well as my successes.
I usually learn by messing up.
I'm not any kind of expert, just a fellow struggler like you, sharing my journey on this rollercoaster called Life and Parenting. As I write about my ups and downs (and what I'm learning) I hope to make your way a little easier and encourage you with the knowledge that you're not alone.

Where/how this blog began

where i'm from

I'm blessed to live in one of the loveliest places on earth: New Zealand. My antipodean viewpoint colours who I am and how we live (relaxed, laid back, take us as you find us).

> More about living in New Zealand

what i write about

PARENTING:  I write about the ups and downs of parenting and motherhood and what I'm learning along the way. I share things that make me laugh or cry,  as well as bright ideas I think will help make life easier or more fun (like our theme dinners and family movie reviews)Quirky is the norm in our family - you'll find all my stories on Dyslexia and ADHD collected here. More recently, you'll also find stories on my new life surviving as a sole-parent...

PLANNING KIDS PARTIES: I have loved sharing my kids' parties through the years and now have quite an extensive collection (along with how-to instructions and free printables). Please take the ideas, use them and make them your own. 

MUM DIY: I have been known to splash some paint around on occasion.

RECIPES: I share my tried-and-true favourite recipes, many of which are gluten free and/or refined sugar free.

ADVENTURES: There's nothing better than getting stamps in your passport, even with kids in tow. This page is a collection of our travel adventures, both at home in New Zealand and abroad.

ROLLERCOASTER: I share about my struggles "on the rollercoaster" to let others know they are not alone. I write about getting through Depression and anxiety (which I've battled for years). A few years ago I found out I am dyslexic. I also write about the faith that gets me through.

BOOK REVIEWS: I can chew through a thick novel in two days. My bookaholic alter-ego is Mrs Readalot. You can read her book reviews here.

BLOG TIPS: After blogging for years I've learnt a lot. I share my blog tips for beginners, newbies and code-phobes.

who's who

My offspring are Dash (17), Miss Fab (15) and Scrag (11). This crazy quirky bunch have quite often been the focus of my writing. 
The kids were only aged 5, 4 and 9 months old when this blog began but as they're getting older I have had to be more careful what I share about them. My philosophy of blogging about my kids here

The beloved furry members of our family are Clyde (the rescue puppy) and Dave (the female cat)... where would we be without them?

Go here to read more about Our Family

NOTE: "Dash", "Miss Fab" and "Scrag" were actual childhood nicknames. (Names have been changed to protect the guilty.)

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