Nothing puts the joy into life better than a celebration. Whether it's a party for a birthday, special occasion or no reason at all, here's a collection of my parties and how to's, including tutorials, menus & recipes...

parties for littlies

Baking Birthday Party
Baking Party: Kids Chef Hat & Apron
Fancy Nancy Party
Fancy Nancy Party How To's
Fairy Party
Garden Fairy Party *Just because*
Paris Party - (La Cafe de Paris)
Paris Party Prep & Printables
Paris Party Cakes and Cookies

parties for boys 

Army Combat Party
Army Party Prep: Stencils & Printables
Army Party Camouflage Battlefield Cake
HUNGER GAMES Mockingjay Cake
Sports Party (with bubble Soccer)
Sports 6th Birthday Party
Sports Party Menu
Star Wars Party
Star Wars Party: Darth Vader Pinata
Star Wars Party: Wookie Cookies & Lightsabers
Star Wars Party *Just Because*
TMNT (Ninja Turtle) Party
TMNT (Ninja Turtle) FREE Party Printables
TMNT (Ninja Turtle) Party How To's
Video Game Party: StarWars vs SuperHeroes
Wild West Campout Party
Wild West How To's and Printables
Raj Party (Indian) Theme Dinner
Spanish Theme Dinner
Easter Theme Dinner
Star Wars Theme Dinner (May the 4th)
First Class Titanic Theme Night
Brave Movie Theme Night
Cowboy Cookout with 'Truth or Dare'
Kiwiana Theme Night
Nights of Fire & Marshmallows

Birthday Cake Tutorials

birthday cakes

Cupcake Decorating Tips for Beginners
Alien Cupcakes (Toy Story Party)
Bugs on a Log Cake (Survival Party)
Campfire Cake & Cupcakes
Castle Cake (Princess Party)
Cupcakes of All Kinds (best recipe)
Ninja Turtle Birthday Cake
Paris Party Birthday Cake
Popcorn Cupcakes
Rapunzel's Tower Cake (Tangled Party)
Rocket Cake (Toy Story/Space Party)
Sleepover Party Birthday Cake
Soccer Field Birthday Cake
Teddy Bear Cake
Treasure Map Cake (Peter Pan/Pirate Party)
Volcano Cake (Dinosaur Party)

party decor & fun

Party Food Recipes

party food

Cupcakes of All Kinds
Rainbow Cupcakes
Chocolate Crackle (Dairy & Gluten Free)
Dairy & Gluten Free 'Popcorn' Cupcakes
Easy Party Nibbles
Fairy Party Menu
Gluten Free Kids Party Menu
Marble Cake (Dairy & Gluten free)
Sports Party Menu
Teddy Bears Picnic Menu & Prep

party drinks