19 March 2015

Ninja Turtle/TMNT Party FREE Printables

The next party round these parts is Scrag's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bash. It took me a while to convince him to have something other than ANOTHER Star Wars Party (really? How many Star Wars Parties do we need to have, Scrag??!) But after he watched latest TMNT movie, it was decided: Turtles it is. Phew! (the blogger in me was relieved; I've already shared with you all my best Star Wars tricks).

We'll be going to Uptown Bounce in Grey Lynn (an awesome new indoor trampoline place that is very handy to where we live) and having a few other games and TMNT themed party food back at home - our favourite combo of going out AND having an at-home party.

In an effort to make my party posts a little shorter, this time I'm gonna share with you the printables I've designed BEFORE the actual event.

I'm pretty pleased with them, and I hope you likey them too. Of course, you don't have to be having a full-on birthday party to use these - you could always do a bit of a theme dinner/movie night Just Because. Anyhoo, here they are - my slimy sewer-worthy designs, for you. For Free.
(You're welcome).

Printable Water Bottle Labels: "Filtered NYC Sewer Water"

These labels are set up four-to-a-page, ready to print. The design features slimy brickwork background with a Sewer Lid front and centre.

We'll be taking our water-bottles to Uptown Bounce, where our young ninjas will be sure to get hot, sweaty and THIRSTY with all that bouncing around. A bottle of New York's finest Filtered Sewer Water is sure to come in handy...

TO USE: Right click on the image below and save to your computer. Print out in colour (page size = A4; 210x297mm) and then trim and attach to water bottles (with their labels removed) using a glue stick. Voila! Bottles of Filtered Sewer Water!

Mason Jar "Sewer Sludge" Printable Lid-toppers
I decided to serve the drinks in these cute Mason Jar mugs I got from Kmart a while back (for $2 each); we'll be serving that delicious sugar-free green tea Apple Punch (also known as Yoda Soda, but which for our purposes will be re-branded as "Sewer Sludge").

To make the mason jars look less whimsical and more sewer-friendly, I've created a sewer lid-topper printable, which I'm pretty pleased with... 

TO USE: After Printing the Sewer Sludge labels (which are sized to fit perfectly on the Kmart jar lids), cut out each label neatly.

Make a cross ("X") in the centre of the white straw-hole circle.
Stick label in place on lid using a glue stick (don't worry they'll peel off easily later).

Finally poke a green straw through as shown and Voila! Cute mugs of green sewer sludge to drink.

Mmmm yummy.

PRINTING: Right-click on the label image (above, next to water bottle labels) and save to your computer, then print and trim. Labels are set up on an A4 Page. (Each label measure 5cm across.)

Sewer Lid Plate Printables

Using the same basic sewer lid graphic, I've created some cute themed sewer-lid plates. Print these off very cheaply (they are black-and-white), then cut out each graphic. To eliminate any copy-toner transfer onto the food, I placed each cut-out graphic face-down onto a sheet of Duraseal/clear "Contact" and then cut away the excess plastic. Then simply glue onto a cheap silver coloured paper plate with a glue stick. Too cute, too easy.

Right-click the graphic below to save to your computer. (It is set up on A4 page ready to print.)

Pizza Frisbee Game - Pizza Printable
This is a game idea I've found on Pinterest; it looks super simple, and should be fun.
Free printable Pizza Pictures suitable for sticking on frisbees are harder to find than you'd think! So I've made my own and am sharing it with you below.

TO USE: Right click and save to your computer; then print, trim, stick on a frisbee. Print the sign and stick it on the inside lid of a pizza box. Then PLAY, by attempting to get the pizza in the box!

TMNT Personalised Party Invitations
And finally, I might as well plug my little Etsy shop, and these *ahem* (if I say so myself) super-cool TMNT party invitations I've designed. Scrag can't wait to hand these out (even though there's a whole month until his party).

You can order the invitation here on my Etsy Shop and I'll turn your kid into their favourite Ninja Turtle (Raphael, Michaelangelo, Leonardo or Donatello), and add in your party details. Doesn't matter where you are in the world, cos I'll send you the file and you can print off as many as you want, whatever size you pick.

That's all I've got for now. Until next time, party on dudes!

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