ADHD etc

Quirky is normal in our family. We are a crazy noisy mix of dyslexic, ADHD and "gifted" individuals. Parenting is not easy at the best of times, but when you're parenting kids "on the spectrum" it's even tougher. I always wondered what I was doing wrong as a parent, why I couldn't seem to make strategies work consistently, and why ideas that seemed to work for Super Nanny were a giant FAIL for us. Now I know - some kids are harder to parent than others. Especially when the parents are just as quirky as the kids!

Below, I've collected a bunch of posts I've written over the years - which might be helpful or encouraging to other parents on the same journey. Some of them are specific to our "spectrum" journey, others are written earlier, before we knew what was going on in our family, and still others might just be generally of interest. All the posts here are part of our journey and our struggles. I hope you enjoy reading them and find encouragement knowing you're not alone...


Grateful to finally Know - I'm Dyslexic
Backyard Camping Solution

help & support

If you're struggling and want to connect, you can email me at If you're in New Zealand, you can also join the (very helpful) Facebook support groups and share your struggles with a bunch of other parents who get it. (It takes a village, after all).

I've also battled the Black Dog of Depression & Anxiety - my posts on that topic are collected here