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I've been writing this blog since 2008, documenting my parenting struggles and sharing what I've learnt along the way. In that time my kids have gone from being babies and preschoolers to school-kids, adolescents and teenagers. Every stage has its challenges and its joys.

I don't pretend to be any kind of parenting expert, just a struggling mother of three dynamite, quirky kids. What I learn, I share here as I go along. Any great ideas I discover that work, I share here also, like one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread...
I'm the Mum Who... 
So I Yelled... 

the learning curve

Stuff I'm Learning that's Changing Everything

growing up

Mister In BeTween
Gobsmacked: The Kids STEP UP
Letting out the Leash
Countdown to a New Era (last baby goes to school)
Baby gets Enrolled
On Falling...
When Being the Youngest gets Tough
Meanness, Vulnerability and Kids on Social Media
The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil (learning to speak up)
Detours, Road Blocks & Getting there Eventually
Cheer Up (why I love cheerleading in Spite of myself)
Baby turns Eight and Mum Ponders his Struggles
What Kids Learn from Having a Dog

teenage years

Help! I'm the Mother of a Teenager!
A Coming of Age Celebration (13th birthday)
Time Flies: First Day at High School & Intermediate
Parenting at the Pointy End
Flying a Kite is a Bit Like Parenting
How to Throw a Birthday Party for Your Teenager
A tribute to My Daughter on the Eve of her 13th Birthday

quirky kids & personalities