13 May 2013

Sometimes... (a Motherhood Post)

Sometimes Mothers Day is picture perfect... and sometimes it is not.
Sometimes warm fuzzies are abounding... and sometimes they are not.

Sometimes you wake up to the sound of somebody crying already, somebody who won't get out of bed and somebody else who just can't be bothered. And it's Mothers Day.

Sometimes offspring can be awfully self centred. And Lazy. And squabbly. Even on Mothers Day.

Sometimes the Father of your children has to drag those offspring kicking and screaming into appreciation mode. He buys a card for them to sign and a present for them to give; sometimes even then they drag their heels.
Sometimes, well, they need a kick up the butt.
So sometimes you overhear a lecture: "She carried you inside her! She gave birth to you! She fed you and wiped your bum and did everything for you and this is how you repay her?!?!?"

Sometimes, on Mothers Day Morning, you wish they would just cancel the whole thing.
Sometimes having a bad start to the day on the one day of the year which is meant to be about thanking mothers... well, it kind of sucks.
Sometimes Mothers Day only makes things worse; it rubs salt in the wound.

Sometimes on Mothers Day you don't want to go to church where people will ask, "How was your Mothers day morning? Did you get breakfast in bed???"
Sometimes you shout, "I'm cancelling Mothers Day! Just forget the whole thing!" And you slam the door.

Sometimes kids can be awful... but sometimes they can be amazing.
Sometimes, they realise the error of their ways before its too late and they say, "Sorry mum. We're really sorry. What can we do to make it up to you?"

And then you can tell them what you really want.
Not cards and presents and toast on a tray.
"I want kindness," you say. "I want one day where you don't fight with each other, where you don't squabble. One day where you can try and be nice - to each other, not just to me."

Sometimes kids can be amazing, right after they've been awful.
Sometimes they learn quickly. They try hard.
And sometimes what started as a bad day can turn out to be a good one.

Sometimes a day which began with tears and selfishness and slamming doors can end with hugs and games and togetherness on the couch watching The Voice.

Sometimes your kids actually listen to you. They say, "Mum are you really gonna cancel Mothers day next year? Cos I hope you don't. I've got a really good idea for Mothers Day next year..."
And then you want to hug them and kiss them and you remember why you love being a mother.

Yeah, sometimes you feel like cancelling Mothers Day.
And then other times you're glad you didn't, after all.

(P.S. How was YOUR mothers day?)

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