01 May 2013

My Blog Design Webstore is Up and Running...

I've gone and gotten all flash on ya.
My little Blog Design service has been foundering with my humble self-coded PayPal buttons not working properly. I have no idea how many potential sales I've missed, but I finally got the chance to sit down and Google some better options.

After many dead ends and complicated, way-too-expensive alternatives, I finally stumbled across a shopfront website called Wix, which let me create and customise my own webshop, with loads of pre-designed templates to use as a jumping off point. This took me the better part of a day to do, but if you go there, you'll see how I was able to create different shop sections, a gallery, FAQ and contact pages. there's no limit on how many pages you create or how many images you upload.

I started off using the free version, not realising that the shopping cart was only available for the Pro eCommerce account. I discovered it when somebody tried to purchase a package and got an error message... I looked it up and discovered that I need to go pro if I wanted to sell stuff. Duh.

So I messaged Support at Wix and they got right back to me and gave me a discount code for 30% off. I bought a year's eCommerce package which comes with free domain and some adSense and Facebook Ad vouchers. It works out to just over $12 a month, with the discount.

Wix takes 0% commission on sales so I can sell as much as I want and they don't get a cut.

I'd love you to go visit my new venture - it's easily findable on my "Blog Design Service" tab under my (newly redesigned) header.

I've got a whole lot of options on there, not just complete makeovers.
You can get personalised sidebar button collections, custom designed social media buttons or even just a new header.

If anyone wants to test out the cart for me, I am offering Maxi makeovers at the same price as a Mini with coupon code: BLOG101.

My Greatfun Blog Design Webstore

If you want to help promote my store, have had a makeover by me and want to update your button or if you have benefited from my free buttons and blog tips, grab a button and spread the word...

Greatfun Blog Design

What do you think? Not bad aye?


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