20 May 2013

Mrs Readalot and Umpteen Jodi Picoults

Our old friend Mrs Readalot has been rather quiet lately.
She wrapped up her bookclub, hung up the out-to-lunch sign and retreated to her favourite sunny reading space to devour Jodi Picoult books, one after the other.

Jodi is one of Mrs Readalot's go-to authors. You can count on Jodi for a well written, thought-provoking read. There are 18 novels written by Jodi Picoult and Mrs R has read almost every one.

There's the well known, My Sisters Keeper (made into a movie) and the obscure-but-awesome "Vanishing Acts" among others. Stories told from every side of the fence, giving insight into human nature and challenging the way we think about those who are different to us.

Each and every book, a riveting read.
Each and every book challenging the assumptions we make as humans in the face of ethical dilemmas, tragedies and other conundrums.
Every story thought-provokingly presenting all sides of contentious issues.

Here's the entire list of Jodi Picoult Books:
As you can see Mrs Readalot only has five Jodi Books left to read; then she is all out of easy-picks. At the moment, when Mrs R needs a book, she fires up her Samsung Tablet, launches the Overdrive app, and searches "Jodi Picoult". It's a safe bet, a guaranteed great read.
Most of Jodi's books are there in the eLibrary. So convenient.

But what next?
Who can she turn to next, once she runs out of Jodi's??

This is where you come in.
Can you help Mrs Readalot out?
Please recommend your favourite authors or books (even better if they are on eBook). Help keep Mrs R supplied with reading material for the long cold winter months.
Leave her a comment, sharing your faves.
Or even better, if you've blogged about some great reads, link your posts up on her Bookclub Page.
Mrs Readalots bloggy Bookclub

(the Bookclub may be retired, but the linky isn't - it's now open all year round for you to link to; Mrs Readalot really appreciates your book recommendations)

Thanks lovely Readers!

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