17 May 2013

Friday Love & Randomness

Rainy Friday in Auckland.
The skies may be grey and tearful but I am warm and bright and hopeful.
Like this happy little clown and his impish bride....

(I love when the kids play dressups; you're never too old to dress up aye?)

Why so cheerful, Simoney? you may ask.
Well... for one thing, its Friday, which is always a good thing.

Next, my hubby got back today after a week touring the country as a van driver with Revo Tour. We survived without him, the house didn't fall and nobody was murdered in their sleep.

Not only that but we had lunch together at the very cool Neighbourhood in Kingsland. I walked in and went WOW. This is my kinda place. Atmosphere, decor, good food, service AND an open fire or two.

Think I've found my new local. 


(Gail - this would be a great spot for another grownups night out.)

Third, I walked into my super-clean'n'tidy house and it smelled of furniture polish and bleach. My lovely cleaner has been hard at work while we were out indulging in lunch... and that makes my heart sing.

Fourth, I met up with the lovely Vegemite Vixen today newly returned to these shores from Blighty. Loving that we have so much in common. I think good things could come from this new connection, all round. Welcome back to NZ Vix! So fab to meet you.

And finally, there's Sport.
A couch potato un-co chick like me revelling in SPORT?
Yes. Sport is making me smile a lot lately.
Football (played brilliantly by Dash), Netball (played amazingly by Miss Fab); Cross Country Interscools Comp (competed in valiantly by Dash)... Winter Sport is not the dreary spectacle I once thought it would be.

I actually love trekking across town to watch my kids competing, even in the rain.
And now that I have some sexy turquoise gumboots and a sturdy silver umbrella... bring on the puddle jumping!

So, Friday. My favourite day of the week.
Is that the sound of the people-mover pulling in the driveway?
(Daddy was picking the kids up and taking them for 'IceCream Friday' - our regular Friday treat).
With all the rain, I am anticipating a cosy night by the fire watching a movie or two.
And tomorrow, some standing about in the rain in gumboots cheering on our team.

Have a great weekend!

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