23 May 2013

Carnival Photo Booth to Brighten the Day

I woke up and it was one of "those days". The kind where, right from the start I'm not doing too well. The kind where every sound "triggers" an anxious response, where my hands don't work and my brain is on a go-slow.

Schoolday mornings are not the best time to be a mess, so thankfully I have a husband who is caring and helpful (as well as flexible with his work hours). He did drop-offs for me while I gathered my wits.
So here I sit, still dressing-gowned, having a day where I "take it easy".

With not much work on, wintry wind and cold outside, and a feeble sun only now trying to break through the clouds, I thought I'd take the time to upload the snaps taken at Scrag's Carnival Party Photo Booth, by our lovely 11-year-old neighbour, Oscar.

The bright colours and funny faces have cheered me up no end. And I now feel ready to get dressed and tackle my dirty dishes and laundry pile. 

I hope they brighten your day like they did, mine...

[ABOVE: Our photographer's little sisters]

[ABOVE: The Vossen-Chongs]

[ABOVE: Lyns and family]

[ABOVE: Granny Winnie and Mr G]

[ABOVE & BELOW: My friend Justine and her pet tiger/leopard]

[ABOVE: The Burges, the Lequeta's]

[ABOVE & BELOW: The photographer's mummy - my friend Linda - and little sis]

[BELOW: Dash the Tiger, and his buddy Lou]

I still can't quite believe we pulled off that party. It was a mammoth undertaking, especially with that last-minute change of venue. Every time Mr G looks at the photos he shivers and says, We were so lucky, getting that Kindy.


Photo Booth Backdrop: An Ikea "flag" duvet pegged up on a wire. Was meant to be an awesome backdrop of colourful streamers like the one I pinned (left). Just ran out of time on the day. Accessories: A collection of funny hats, wigs and glasses were in a trolley for people to grab and use

Carnival Photo Scene: I painted this myself on a large flattened furniture box, and cut out holes for people to poke their faces through, just like at a real carnival. My pictures aren't perfect, but they are fun. All you need is a big enough box, lots of colourful paint and a box cutter.

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