18 May 2013

Family Movie Night: Bedtime Stories

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Our Super-Cool-Fab Review Team...

Our crack team of expert Movie Reviewers are this week reviewing Bedtime Stories.

 If you are one of those people who is irritated by Adam Sandler, you might have missed his family movie gem, Bedtime Stories.
This movie has it all for family viewing - a great story, cute kids, laughs, action, imagination and a bug-eyed hamster called Bugsy. There's a hero (the underdog) and a villain (a pompous oaf) and even a bit of romance.

IMDB sums up the movie as: "A family comedy about a hotel handyman whose life changes when the lavish bedtime stories he tells his niece and nephew start to magically come true."

The main story is interspersed with "storytime" scenes from a Medieval castle, the Wild West, the Roman circus and Outer Space, which gives lots of scope for laughs when those made-up stories start to come crazily true.

Adam Sandler's character "Skeeter" is the handyman at a hotel which his father used to own, many years ago; now he has the chance to prove he can manage the hotel as his father once dreamed.

There are the usual cameos from Sandler's special pals (they feature in every movie he makes) and also stars Russell Brand, Lucy Lawless, Guy Pearce and Courteney Cox among others.

What I love about this movie is it's humour and originality. I am personally a bit of an Adam Sandler fan (especially after "click") and this is one of his best. It's clean, it's innocent, it's hopeful. And it's also funny and clever and cute.

The boys like it for the laffs and the chariot race; the girls love it for it's fab imagination and the fluffy hamster with the big googley eyes.

I just love it, period. If your family hasn't seen it yet but you are usually put off by Adam Sandler, give it a shot; I think you'll find it's worth it.

Here's what our experts have to say about Bedtime Stories.

Dash. B. Cool: "Bedtime Stories is cool. There are lots of funny lines in it. The best one is when he thinks he's getting a Ferrari and he says, 'For Meeeee? For FREEEEE?' It's funny."

Dash scores this movie's "coolness" as: 

Foxy Fab: "That Bugsy (the hamster) is just so cute! Every time the show his face and his big huge eyes we laugh our ehads off. This is a funny movie. I like it a lot."

Foxy rates this movie's "fabness" as: 

Super Scrag: "Hahahaha I like it too! I would like it if it rained lollies on me like in the movie. Skeeter is funny and so is Bugsy."

SuperScrag scores this movie's "super-ness" as: 


For simple theming fun while watching Bedtime Stories:
  • Wear your Pyjamas
  • Snuggle up under blankies
  • Eat gum-balls
  • toast marshmallows
  • Snuggle a hamster ♥

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