31 May 2013

Always Grateful on a Friday

I'm always grateful on a Friday, you know that about me. What's not to love about Friday, right?
But today, after three days of focusing on the good stuff I am feeling even more grateful than usual. Like, gratitude is overflowing. It's almost embarrassing the way my emotions are so close to the surface. I read your blogs and well up. I sit in school assembly and nearly bubble.

It's a good thing.
I'm finding that once I start focusing on seeing the blessings in my life, I see them everywhere.
Things I have been taking for granted, I am beginning to appreciate more.
Read on and you'll see what I mean.
So Friday is always my favourite day, because it means the end of the week, the anticipation of the weekend, IceCream Friday, movie nights, and this week it's even a Long Weekend.
Therein lies the danger.
Whatever new habit I am trying to form, I usually get derailed during the weekend.
This time I am going to be grateful all weekend as well.
There may be nobody here reading (Saturdays are slow days for blog-reading; I know this) but i am still going to take 20 minutes to come by and WRITE.
It's might be *Grateful Lite*  but still.
I can't afford to skip a day. Not now. Not when I am just getting started.
So for now, here's today's bubbling gratefuls.

(I'll be back here tomorrow with more, whether anyone else is or not.)


I am grateful for Scrag getting a certificate in assembly today for "always working hard in all areas and lovely mat manners." Anyone who knows me knows that I was a bit anxious about how Scrag would go at school. Well, he's doing beautifully. Grateful much. This mama's heart sang, seeing him shaking hands with the Principal.

I am grateful every time I hear our National Anthem. Every time I go to assembly and hear our kids singing those words in Maori and English and Sign language, well I get all choked up. I almost sobbed this morning, but managed to hold it in. God of Nations at thy Feet... I love the words. It gets me every time.

I am grateful for our school. I love our school. It's amazing. We are so blessed. I am grateful to live where I live in this wonderful community, with this wonderful school. Feeling very "community" this morning.
I am grateful for Dash's teacher; he couldn't have gotten a better one. The way she manages him with such wisdom and sensitivity, it just makes all the difference. Such a difference this year. So so grateful for that, you have no idea.

I am grateful for the fantastic Mathletics website. That may sound like an odd thing to be grateful for, but this is like a total miracle the way Dash is engaging with it already. Just yesterday we took the step to fork out the hundred bucks for a year's licence. Already it's worth it. (Grateful we could also find the hundred bucks)

I am incredibly grateful my kids are born in this era of technology. Educationally it is such a blessing for kids who learn differently, who go "round the outside". I am just now beginning to appreciate this, and am feeling so so grateful.

I am grateful for coming to terms with some truths about myself. Like that fact that I am one of those people who "goes around the outside". I'm different. Finally acknowledging that there are some things I have always struggled with. Always. I am grateful for some new self-knowledge. It's a relief.

I am grateful for these words Jane got me to write on a card: "If going round the outside is how I do things, that's OK." It's OK. I'm different... and it's OK. You have no idea how good it feels, to say that to myself.
Finally I am grateful for blessings which come in the mail. Winning Sophie's Hello Lovely jewellery giveaway really gave me a boost; and when the package of these gorgeous earrings & pendant arrived, what should I also find but a voucher for a dinner out for me and my hubby. Thankyou Sophie. What a blessing you are.

What are you Grateful for today?
If you are joining in with us on Twitter and Instagram it is #thegratefulproject. I have been really encouraged by all the messages from people who are wanting to give this a go. And I am finding my whole outlook is more positive already - I'm so GRATEFUL Jane set me this homework.

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