07 May 2013


This is me and my Baby. Oops, correction. This is me and my Schoolboy.
Yep, that's right. Scrag is a Baby no longer, as he reminds me daily.
He is now a Big School Boy.

There were no first day jitters. At least not for him.

He was super-comfortable, happy and at ease.

It helps that some of his favourite friends were starting on the exact same day.
At the same school. In the same class.

Here he is with his lifetime friend, Turbo.
They were born a day apart. They've even shared birthday parties.
Now they share the same teacher, a spot on the mat and lunchtime games on the playground.
It's special having a friend like that aye?

Scrag has come home happy each day. 
"Who did you play with, Scrag?" I ask. "Who did you sit next to on the mat?"

"Turbo. I sat next to Turbo and we were quiet. I didn't talk and I only put my hand up."
Awesome. My earlier worries were unfounded then. Phew!

I still have to pinch myself. Can't quite get my head around it. All three kids at school. No more preschoolers. Ever.
It'll take some getting used to, I think.

Yesterday I went hard-out trying to keep occupied. Doing jobs, filling orders.
A friend txt'd me, "How are you doing?"
"I'm FINE?!?!" I replied, thinking that I was.

I hit the wall about 4pm after we'd done our first reading homework.
I'm not ready for this! my heart wailed within me. Homework and phonics and high frequency words. All that serious learning stuff. I started freaking myself out.

Today I was kinder to myself. Met a friend for coffee; had lunch with my hairdresser.
Much better day, today for me.
Yet another brilliant day at school playing with his bestie and having more learning fun for my Schoolboy.
I should take a leaf out of his schoolbook.
Lighten up, mama! One day at a time...

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