24 May 2013

Sick Day... Movie Day... Friday

It's Friday, a day for many plans. Such a sparkling bright Friday, too. Only the plans have had to be modified as I have two under-the-weather kids lurking in PJs on couches.

Cough-cough. Went the first one. Oh dear, that sounds nasty.
"Everything hurts" she whimpered.
Better call the school.

Then the next one did the same. Oh dear, two down. What about the third?
Thankfully the Littlest Schoolboy was full of beans, not coughs, so off he went with a friend to school, leaving me to wonder what to do with the other two sickies.

[Go away mum!]

See, today was meant to be my Planning Day; my Prep Day for our Family Theme Night tonight.
Things have been a little... sad around here lately. Too much glum and not enough fun.

So I remembered PaisleyJade's trick for injecting fun when things feel dour, and I sketched up some invitations to a "Brave Night":

Brave Theme Dinner and a Movie. The Lounge. 6pm. Wear Scottish attire and an accent.
On the menu, Bear Stew with Roast Tatties and Magic (chocolate) Pie.

The invitations were posted on each person's bedroom door, along with their Scottish name for the evening, to help build anticipation. (Angus, Agnes, Fergus and Duncan. Just call me Fiona).

I had plans to hit Geoffs and score some tartan, pick up some candles from 2Cheap; grab a "Bearskin" throw bargain from the Warehouse...
But having two sick kids at home on the couch has put the kybosh on my shopping plans.

The best I'll be able to do is dash to the supermarket while the cleaner is here; pick up the ingredients for Magic Pie and the Brave DVD with my Countdown voucher.

Lucky I managed to find some tartan-ish blankets and tablecloths...

The "bear stew" is simmering in my slow cooker and my two invalids are languishing in the lounge watching Fatso DVDs. Phew. Thank goodness I had ordered a whole bunch of new ones. Otherwise you just know how the day would have gone...

"Mum I'm Boooored!"
"If you're bored you mustn't be sick. Shall I take you to school?"
"Mum can I go on the Tablet???"
"Hmmmm.... If you can play on the Tablet your headache must be better. Shall I take you to school?"
"Mum I'm hungry. Can I have a Pie? A biscuit? Some chips?"
"Gosh if you're able to eat all that you must be feeling better. Shall I take you to school?"

But thanks to my stash of unwatched Fatso DVDs, I can have a relatively peaceful day cooking up Magic Pie and draping things in Tartan.

What they're watching:
"It’s a sci-fi/fantasy adventure that combines Tibetan history, psychokinesis, telepathy and time travel into one unusually trippy package. Chris O’Neil and Rhiannon Leigh Wryn are endearing siblings who stumble onto some strange crystals and a tatty rabbit doll named Mimzy during a holiday at their parents’ beach house, and find themselves holding the key to the future’s survival. The Last Mimzy has a great ‘80s feel about it - Spielberg certainly comes to mind - the film is constantly propelled by the fabulously imaginative premise and a sophisticated approach to family material that doesn’t resort to the usual toilet jokes." (Available on Get Now GN)

Fat Albert: (G)
"Fat Albert and the rest of the Cosby Kids are living happily in their animated world of Philadelphia when one day, a young teen cries on her remote control because she doesn't have any friends. Fat Albert and his gang then magically come out of her TV and enter the real Philadelphia! They decide-being such good kids-to help the teen make friends. Albert then falls in love with the girl's beautiful foster sister-but oh, no! If Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids stray from their TV world, they begin to fade away! Will Albert be able to return home after enlisting the help of Bill Cosby himself, or will he and his gang vanish forever?" (Available on Get Now GN)

Cool Runnings: (PG) One Dream. Four Jamaicans. Twenty Below Zero.
"You'll love Cool Runnings - the outrageously funny comedy hit inspired by the true story of Jamaica's first Olympic bobsled team. They were four unlikely athletes with one impossible dream. Now, with the help of an ex-champion as their coach (John Candy - Uncle Buck), four Jamaicans leave their sunny island home and enter the chilly winter Olympics to compete for the gold in a sport they know nothing about - bobsled racing! Finding the courage in each other to give it their all, they meet the challenge, and soon become heroes - taking the whole world along for the ride! You'll be cheering long and loud for this unlikely team in this feel-good comedy hit!"

The verdict so far:

  • The Last Mimzy:It was good, mum. Really good.
  • Fat Albert: This is so funny. Let's watch it again.
  • Cool Runnings: This one should be landing in my mailbox after lunch. Maybe just in time to put the finishing touches on the Magic Pie and put my feet up. Might just watch a movie with my kids.

As you can see I am saving myself a job and combining my Fatso Weekend Movie Post with my Things I'm Loving Post. Aren't I Efficient?

No matter what, I love Friday. And Fatso. Sunshine. And Theme nights.

If you haven't tried Fatso Online DVD rental before, check out my post about why I love it. Then click the box above and use the magic code FAMILY45 to get a Month's Free Trial on the Super Plan (worth $28.99).

What have you got planned this weekend?

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