06 June 2016

We Did It! (We're off to Hawaii Tomorrow!)

Our little cheerleader worked hard to reach her goal - and now she's off to Hawaii!

It's hard to believe, but WE DID IT! Me and Miss fab raised the money necessary (around NZ$2,500) and we're GOING TO HAWAII tomorrow night!
It seemed like an unattainable goal, in the beginning, but the two of us worked together to pull it off.
We used every skill and bright idea in our arsenal of tricks to raise money, without once asking for handouts from anyone.
And we did it!
We reached our goal to get our little cheerleader to Hawaii to compete in the Global Dance and Cheer Games with her team.
Only one more sleep.
Bags need to to be packed tonight; tickets and Passports stowed safely.
There's a Showcase at 3pm today for all the Auckland teams going to show off their routines to admiring family and friends. We can't wait.
But first, here's a recap of how we did it...