28 January 2013

How to Build a Lemonade Stand...

This afternoon I built a Lemonade Stand.
My very own rustic, whimsical Lemonade Stand from ripped-up, rotten decking timber.
All by myself (I have the blisters to prove it).

I may not be able to crochet or drive a sewing machine, but baby I am feeling very clever today!

Earlier in the day I drew up my backyard plan for Scrag's Carnival Party (all the way in April. I know. I'm CRAZY), and I sketched in a spot for "Lemonade". What I really wanted was a Lemonade stand like the one's I've seen on Pinterest.
There's a load of old decking timber that my darling hubby has ripped up off our deck and lovingly replaced with a whole new deck. Rotten and ugly timber makes things wonderfully rustic.
I'd already created some pretty fab signs for the party by hammering together some bits and pieces, slapping around some white paint and decorating with testpots...

So surely I can figure out how to make a lemonade stand too?
Armed with leftover nails, a hammer and a handsaw, I started the project with nothing more than a rough idea...

Just a few hours later I am the proud purveyor of my very own Pin-worthy lemonade stand. Perfect for parties of all kinds.

Wanna know how to do it??
Here's how...

How to Make a Rustic Lemonade Stand
Before you start you'll need a pile of old decking timber. Measure off 8 pieces of table-height length and 4 pieces the width you want to make your stand. Rough is good. No need for perfection here. You'll need nice long nails too (leftover decking nails are perfect)

  1. Nail together one of the table length pieces, and one of the width pieces at right angles to each other
  2. Nail another table height piece on the back as shown
  3. Do the same at the other end of the width peice
  4. ...and the same again at the top
  5. Repeat the whole process until you have your two "stands"
  6. Nail on the "top" - lengths of decking timber (lean the "stands" up against a wall until you have the first few pieces nailed on)

7. Nail some more lengths of decking onto the front of the stand. (This helps hold it firm and square and stops it from wobbling; it's also great for displaying prices)

8. Make the sign as shown. You'll need extra-long pieces of decking for the two posts and three of the same lengths of wood as for the counter top. Before you attach the sign to the stand, slap on some white paint. It's looking pretty now! And then paint the word "Lemonade" with a testpot and medium paintbrush

9. Attach the  sign to the stand with lots of nails. Voila! You're done.

Now make a batch of  delicious homemade lemonade... and enjoy!

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