19 January 2013

Family Movie Night: The Amazing Spiderman

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Our Super-Cool-Fab Review Team...

Our crack team of expert Movie Reviewers are this week reviewing The Amazing SpiderMan - the new version of the Marvel Comic stories.
I never liked Tobey Maguire as the old Spiderman. His floppy hair and sulky face just did not scream "superhero" to me. Peter Parker was a disappointment, just way too droopy and drippy.

But the new Spiderman, well. Troubled and intense, brooding and appealing. Just darn Cute. And his suit... such an improvement. The plot is faster, the action is better. I am already looking forward to the next instalment.

We got the movie for Dash's birthday sleepover. It was rated (M), so I said Scrag was too young to watch it, much to his extreme disappointment. I watched the whole movie through with the big boys and found myself wondering, Why is it an (M)? There's no swearing. Not even minor bad language. there's no sex, no sexual references and hardly even any kissing. My only guess is that the Lizard Man is pretty freaky-looking and the fight/action scenes get pretty intense. But it's not dark like the Batman movies, and there's a lot of humour and positivity in it too.

I decided to let Scrag watch it, with plenty of parental guidance, something I never would have let Dash do at the tender age of four. (The third one gets to do things so much sooner. Felt very guilty afterwards thinking about that.) But he loves it. Absolutely loves this movie. And I have to say, watching it again and again with him, I no longer feel bad for letting him watch it. Movie ratings are all over place. Some (PG) and even (G) movies turn out to be far more questionable than this one.

I think this was a great movie, even daddy loved it. So if you haven't let your kids see it because of it's (M) rating, give it a go, watch it yourself first and see what you think. I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

Here's what our experts have to say about The Amazing Spiderman...

Dash. B. Cool: "It was a good movie. It was cool because it had heaps of action scenes in it. I reckon the old Spiderman (Tobey Maguire) was good but he was a nerd and not good looking... and weird! But the new Spiderman/Peter Parker is waaaaay better. He's much more good looking and he has better powers and a better suit."

Dash scores this movie's "coolness" as: ♥

Foxy Fab: "I thought at first that Peter Parker was quite nerdy, but then he turned out not so nerdy. I think this one is different to the old Spiderman because I understood this one better. The freakiest part of the movie was when Miss Stacey was hiding in the cabinet and the LizardMan opened the door. The funniest was when the old man was listening to Opera music in the library and he couldn't hear the fighting cos he had earphones on. My mum was surprised that we didn't have to mute any of it."

Foxy rates this movie's "fabness" as: 

Super Scrag: "I like it because I just like it. And I never watched it before, until the holidays. And I like it because mum finally let me watch it and it's fun for me to be Spiderman. I wish I could shoot webs like Spiderman. I would like to swinging building to building like him."

SuperScrag scores this movie's "super-ness" as: (x 100 hearts!)


SpiderMan Theme Fun (to Make Your Movie Night even more Super-Cool-Fab)

Most days our Scrag becomes Spiderman. He has two outfits, and two masks. He regularly swings through the kitchen, "I'm swinging here!". Spiderman is a cult phenonmenon in his four-year-old world.

It would take next to no effort to turn a simple movie night into a bit of Spidey Theme Fun.
  • some spider cupcakes
  • some icecream "spiders" (sodas made with chocolate icecream and cola)
  • a bit of face painting
  • and some spider-wrestling - take on Daddy (a.k.a. Lizard-Man)

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Have a great Saturday!

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