30 January 2013

New At My House

There's almost nothing I love better than lazing on the couch with a good book. Even better if the place I'm lazing is pretty and full of sunshine. Better still if this sunny haven is a corner of my very own bedroom.

This is the sunroom attached to our bedroom, where the computer used to live and where I loved to blog. Just before Christmas I had grown fed up with the kids constantly in my bedroom using the computer, so I kicked the computer out into the hallway.

Not such a pretty place for me to blog, but it left my room a kid-free haven once more. But in spite of it's awesome potential as a sanctuary for me and hubby from the noise and crazy, that little corner of the house had never been given much attention. It was under-achieving.

So last week I gave it some love, scattered some cushions (and invested a bit of dosh on some new cubby shelves). Now it is an inviting space to relax and create in. I can write (with a pen), draw, paint (I've even organised all my craft and party supplies)... and spend sunny afternoons enjoying a book in the sunshine.

I love it.

 Meanwhile Dash's poor cupboard of a bedroom was trying to over-achieve. A welcoming space for a ten year old boy that can fit nothing more than a divan bed and a shelf or two? Nothing a lick of blackboard paint can't fix!

I painted the whole wall with black board paint and added some words in bright colours at the top: NO FEAR... to relieve the dark colour in a small space. Funny thing is that rather than closing the room in, it actually feels bigger, because you notice the height all the way up to the roof. Dash' cupboard room may be small, but it is pretty cool now. And what's more it's all his (he'd rather have a tiny space all his own than share a large space with his pesky little bro).

Meanwhile changes are afoot in the dining room too. Gail is back from China (yay) which means that her  beloved Bus Blind art which has graced my dining room wall for the past 18 months has been returned to its mama *sniff*. I've had to make do with my "Family Words" canvas from the hallway. Not bad. But I might need to add something underneath it, I'm thinking. Some more words on canvas. Perhaps "BLESSED" or "PEACE"... can't hurt to have those words seeping into my brain aye??

And finally... while I've been playing interiors, My dear hubby has been busy outside.

He has ripped up our old rotten deck and it's wobbly apple-green balustrade and replaced it with this *sexy new deck* (as Scrag says in a hilarious Scottish accent). I am very proud of Mr G (not born a Kiwi = not born with DIY running in his veins). He has done a beautiful job. Even though this is only Stage One... it's a vast improvement on what was there before.

Hey! What's that I hear? More DIY projects are calling... this tin of duck-egg blue wants to be slapped on some walls. 

Phew. Once I start I just can't stop!

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