14 May 2011

Grateful. Loving. Yep Thats Me.

In a week where I waved goodbye to a dear friend, scratched hello to some unwanted guests and then had to face Parent-Teacher interviews on a stormy evening... it's a good thing to focus on some things I'm loving.
And just to spice things up, I thought I'd toss a bit of "Grateful" into the mix as well. Gratitude is good for the soul.

I'll begin with some photos I'm loving...

Love this photo, sent to me by a friend. Love the way I can make it look so pretty in Photoscape. Love Photoscape.

Grateful for Daughters whose teachers rave about them. Even when they catch nits.

Love these photos, taken by the very talented Meg. My kids at her house. Decorating cookies, playing Wii.

Grateful for friends who take your kids when you are struggling.
Loving Wii. Got to play it myself with Meg yesterday. My first time. Want.

Loving Gail's Bus Blind on my wall. What's a Bus Blind? Remember those old fashioned buses before the days of electronic displays, where the driver used to wind the handle to display the destination? That black screen with the names printed on it, that's what a bus blind is. All the rage in Auckland.

My styley  friend Gail got hold of one and had it mounted. It needs a temporary home while she is off adventuring. I kindly offered to take care of it (I'm thoughtful like that) and it's right at home in my dining room.

Don't worry Gail. You'll get it back when you return. (Rather have you than the Bus Blind, honest).

What else?

Mothers Day. I am grateful Mothers don't have to pass a test to deserve Mothers Day, cos I was feeling very undeserving.

So I was grateful for a sign made and waved on stage by a scraggy-haired 8-year-old. One that had all his KidsChurch leaders in stitches. Apparently I'm still One Hot Mummer.

And you can bet I was Loving this cute Mothers Day List I found on Miss Fab's whiteboard, written by her and Miss Marvellous...

"Chuglgrid" is Miss Fab's guess at spelling "children". I guess she knew what I really wanted. Good children. Love kids spelling. LOL.

There's lots of other things I could list.

Loving gumboots. House trained pets. A sparkling kitchen. And Exit Mould bathroom spray.
{I've been on a bit of a cleaning bender this week}

Grateful for husbands who don't mind love handles, free music downloads, and great teachers for my kids.
Grateful for friends to play Wii with, drink tea with and Miss Like Crazy.

Loving that time goes fast. Not loving that time goes fast.

Just a few years months weeks days ago these were my babies. Now look at them.

What are you loving/grateful for this week?

{Joining in with Paisley Jade and Maxabella Loves}

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Neetz said...

That bus blind Rocks on your wall!! yay for good friends needing nice stuff "baby sat" for them huh?? lol

Loving your pics, what lovely kids <3 xx

PaisleyJade said...

Drooling over Gail's bus blind! Thought the note said "Chargrilled" at first! haha. Love your list Simone - beautiful pics and things to be grateful for.

Kerri said...

I'm loving this post! Going to send it to my sis-in-law - that sign your son made reminds me of my nephew - hilarious! Great post - thanks for writing it!

The South African Kiwis said...

Bless your kid... and his sign. My three year old signed his own name in his. Still in shock!

Lyns said...

Awesome awesome list. Loving all of it xx

Rebecca said...

I'm grateful I get to read wonderful blogs like yours! They are always so heartwarming, gorgeous, insightful or inspiring....often they are all of the above! I'm also grateful for having met, befriended, loved and been loved by wonderful people that have since passed away, grateful for having my health, grateful for waking up each day knowing I have a yummy hubby & gorgeous girl whom I adore and who I know will love me always. Also grateful music that makes my insides squeal with joy, for the crazy weather - for the fun it can bring when taking photos & the warm house that follows when you're forced to light the fire.....list could go on! Thanks for reminding us to take stock of what we have and be thankful :)

deux chiens et un garcon said...

Such beautiful photos and so full of love and warmth.

Have a beautiful weekend.

jill x

meg said...

Where did your comments go? I did write you one. xox

J said...

What a beautiful post and photos to compliment. Your're lucky to have good friends t help you when you need it. + Now I know what a Bus Blind is :)

Gail said...

Missing my Bus Blind.... oops, I mean Miss you my friend!!!!!! You guys had nits?? K, better do a check :)

Lots of things to see and do here - you should def. hop a plane over :)xxxx

Love to you, r, a and j and j!!
From usxx

Unknown said...

Such wonderful things to be grateful for! :)

leanne can blog said...

So many things to be grateful for! Love the photos and all the things that you are grateful for.

Unknown said...

Thanks for popping by Muddled Up Mumma. Sounds like you have a had a huge week! Love the photos of your kids at play and am also loving Gail's bus roll! Enjoy your weekend. x

Unknown said...

Oh, I love your blog, and I love your list of gratefuls! Someone who is grateful for cleaning fluid sure has my respect! Visiting from Maxabella's weekly grateful. xx

Renee said...

Exit Mould - if I were stuck on a deserted island, and I happened to have a bathroom, then exit mould would be the next thing I would absolutely need on that island. Love.

Maxabella said...

Such a great list (except for the nits! I don't think I could ever be grateful for them!!) x

melissa said...

THat was a lovely post - but I especially loved the Mothers Day list. SO sweet.

Jennifer @ JenniferDukesLee.com said...

Love that hot mama poster. LOL! Very sweet. :)

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