22 May 2011

Its Not the End of the World

So. It appears that we are all still here and the world did not end... Not that I ever thought for a second that it would.

Of course when I heard on the news that some guy was claiming that Saturday was Doomsday, I paid it no mind.
See I've been hearing that the world's gonna end since I was six years old.
My folks were heavily into the whole Rapture/End Times gig when they were young Christian Hippies in the Seventies. They would send me outside to play while they gassed about it with their friends... but I would sneak back in, hide behind a chair and listen.

I was convinced that growing up was something that would never happen to me. Got a nasty shock when it actually did.

My mum sat me down to talk to me about the Birds and the Bees... I stuck my fingers in my ears and told myself I didn't need to know what to do with a Tampon because I would not be growing up.

Or there was the time I came home from school to find the house empty... the doors open, the kettle bubbling away filling the house with steam, just like in those freaky movies... I sat down on the floor and cried. I knew it, I said to myself. The Rapture has come and I've been left behind.
Actually our neighbour had an accident and my mum went to help her, and forgot to shut the doors and turn off the kettle. But how was I to know that?

{Anyone else remember those dreadful 70's "mark of the Beast" movies??}

All of this means that when I come across people who go around claiming the End is Nigh, I ignore them. Get annoyed with them, sure; wish they wouldn't make the rest of us look like goobers, yep.  But basically, apart from an inner cringe, I pay no attention to those loop-the-loops.

Sadly there were some who got sucked in by Mr Doomsday. Gave away their stuff and quit their jobs. Now they are lost and abandoned by the guy they believed in - and looking mighty silly too. Sad.

Now don't get me wrong... I am a huge Believer in Jesus. Totally love the guy; wouldn't have survived if I hadn't had His help to get through the rough patches.
I rely on Him, pray to Him, thank Him for all the Blessings He sends my way.

But I figure when He said, "No man knows the day or hour when I'll be returning..." He meant it.
No. Man. Knows.

And I'm happy with that.
I heard someone say once, Live every day like its your last, but plan as if you're gonna live to 100.

Heck, I've got more chance of getting run over by a bus than getting Raptured tomorrow (especially the way some bus drivers go about their business...)

Every day is precious. We don't know when our time is up.
Tragedies happen all the time without walking round expecting the world to end any day!?!

The challenge for me is to live every day like its my last - by making sure my loved ones know I love them, doing my best with what I have, making every day count.

But at the same time building for the future as if I'll be sticking around to see my great grandkids. Making wise decisions. Planning and preparing for my kids futures.

One day we were watching the 6 O'clock News and some Scientist came on and said, "In 150 million years such-and-such-Planet's orbit will send it crashing into Earth..." There was a graphic showing two planets colliding. Great.

My imaginative sensitive deep-thinking boy Dash was watching and he totally missed the bit about the millions of years. He heard only that the world is going to end.
And proceeded to have nightmares for the next week.

I nearly cried when he asked me, "Mummy will I not get to grow up and get married and have kids...?"

You can bet I reassured him that we will all be around for a long time. That I am looking forward to dancing at his wedding, being a granny to his babies, seeing him play soccer for the All Whites...
I don't want him to grow up with a sense that there is no future! That the world will die around us.
Makes. Me. Cross.

So whether its some Scientific prediction or a Doomsday Con Artist, let nobody take tomorrow away from my kids!

If planets collide, I don't want to know in advance.
If Jesus returns, He won't catch me watching the skies.

Not because I don't believe. But because I'll have my hands full preparing my kids for a very long, full, worthwhile, good life here on Planet Earth.


Thoughts, anyone??

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PaisleyJade said...

haha - excellent post Simone!!

meg said...

Yay, I just laughed at those crazy claims too. I know some kids who were so upset about it. I'm glad that I keep my boys mostly in the dark about the news.

Widge said...

Well said Simone.
Was just saying to hub tonight how much it angers me that these weirdos make actual faith based believers look like idiots! Grrrrrrr that guy is leading a cult that has NIL to do with Jesus!

Alison said...

Simone, you've got your head screwed on right! Love your last paragraph, so true.

Leslie said...

with all of the crazy sad things going on sometimes I wonder. I remember a date back when I was just a teenager that the world was supposed to end. That night, I went to bingo with my grandma instead of the underaged drinking party that I would have normally went to. ~ just in case. lol

Have a fantastic day!!!!

martha said...

so many false prophecies have come and gone. I don't really care when the world is going to end. What I care about is how I live it while i"m here. :) Yes, no one knows the time and day,e xcept Jesus. till then, I'll try to do my best each day to be a better mum, wife and teacher. :)

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

I totally remember those movies. I actually don't know what my parents were thinking letting me watch them at about age 8-10 - I had nightmares for months afterwards. And even now when I think about the possibility of endtimes, it's scenes from those movies that get stuck in my mind which is not nice.

Not that I'm saying we should be looking forward to it but I think there's enough yuckiness in the world right now with out scaring ourselves even sillier with stuff like that!

Wish more people could actually take notice of the 'no one knows the day or the hour' and stop trying to play God themselves!!!!

Great post xx

jacksta said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I get frustrated when I hear people say they know when the world is going to end. One lady actually told me that according to the Bible the world was supposed to end when her mother's generation passed on. I was like, seriously? I'm so tired of hearing about it. I don't want to know, either. Heck, I didn't even realize someone was predicting that Saturday was Doomsday. I went along my merry business traveling back from the beach with my parents totally unaware that my life was about to end. But, you know what? It. Did. Not. So there.

Amy DM said...

Well said. I was also raised by ex-hippy Chrstian parents obsessed with the 'end of days'.

I agree completely, be ready to go at any time and plan for a long life.

I loved the way you described your relationship with Jesus too. Could really tell you meant it.

Happy SITS day. I know this is the wrong post for it....sorry.

LBDDiaries said...

Great post! I didn't even know the end of the world was Saturday - but I do know if it really had been, I wouldn't be here now - like you, not because I'm out there watching the sky but because I'm always prepared, inside. My outside is doing what He said - living life to the fullest and trying to touch the lives of others for Him. Man, I remember that movie you show there - I had nightmares, too. Remember that booklet, "88 reasons Jesus will be back in '88" (or something like that)?

Dawn said...

Love this post, had me laughing!

I believe the bible tells us to keep our eyes open, be on the look out, but does not mention obsessing about it and acting all crazy! lol

I completely agree with you...

"But I figure when He said, "No man knows the day or hour when I'll be returning..." He meant it.
No. Man. Knows."

Great post!

Tina @ Girl Meets Globe said...

Great post!! =)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post, Simoney!

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