06 May 2011

Totally Loving... Gail

This is me and Gail.
Gail is lots of fun. Gail is generous.
She is one of my favourite people.
I love Gail.

On Monday Gail is getting on a plane with her family and flying to the other side of the world, to live for seven months in China. I love that she gets to go such a wonderful adventure with her family.

{the selfish part of me is not loving that I won't get to hang out with her until Christmas...}
But still.

Today I am focusing on what I love about Gail.
Part of it is that she has a gorgeous daughter called Miss Marvellous who has been bosom buddies with Miss Fab since they were literally babies. They are both feisty girls, headstrong, tall, energetic and arty.

They love each other. I love that they are such great friends.

They have shared dancing classes, art groups, Sunday school and birthday parties.

Here is Miss Marvellous at Miss Fab's second birthday. They have been at each other's birthdays ever since.

Miss Marvellous' 3rd Birthday
Miss Fab's 4th Birthday
Aren't they so little??

 Miss Fab is going to miss her friend.
But before that happens we get to spend tomorrow together.
Miss Marvellous is coming to spend the day.
And we get to have the whole clan for a sleepover tomorrow night... wahoo!

I love that we get to hang out together before we have to wave, "See ya later!"

I love seeing these two together.

Miss Marvellous brings out the best in Miss Fab. Even though they are both strong-minded girls, they don't often quarrel.

Aren't they beautiful? Taken on our Family Adventure together at Sandy Bay

I love this photo.

And this one. Man I'm going to miss Gail Miss Fab is going to Miss her friend!

And as for Gail?
I am so loving that I got called on to clean her house today.
Gail is not usually one to ask for help. She is a giver, a do-er. Somebody who helps others - not usually on the receiving end.

But when you are packing up your life to move to a foreign country and your to-do list is longer than there are hours in the day... you have no choice but to ask for help.
So I am sitting here still sweaty, with Ajax-hands, grateful I got to help Gail.
Grateful she called on me (and others too - it was a tremendous team effort)
I wouldn't have wanted to spend my Friday any other way.
I'd still be there now if I didn't have to collect kids from school.

Me & Gail being Blog Nerds on our adventure last year

Because isn't it true that when someone is going through something big, you really do want to show them you love them in practical ways?
Haven't we all said it to friends in times of need, let me know if there's anything I can do...?
But its not very often people actually take you up on it, aye? Wish they would. Glad when they do.
Makes you feel useful. Warms fuzzies all round.
It is more blessed to give than to receive, and all that. Thanks Gail for blessing me today!

So today I am loving Gail.
Loving Miss Marvellous.
Loving that me and my daughter have the privilege of a friendship that distance will not weaken.
Loving that we get to spend their next-to-last-day with them.
Loving that someone invented Skype.
Loving that the rate time flies, seven months will have flown past before we know it.

{If you want to follow Gail's adventures in China pop over to her blog and follow her here}


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jacksta said...

aw....how cool that the girls are such good friends. Im sure you will all be skyping everyday!

Widge said...

awwwwwww sweet post! I love Gail too. She's too cool

PaisleyJade said...

Loving this so much. Love your girl's friendship... and skype... and cleaning friends... and so cool that you get to hang out together on the last night!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Yep loving that the daughter friendships mirror the mummy ones. Love that your families have a great bond. And yep...Skype all the way!

Anonymous said...

Your two girls are so cute! China...what an adventure! :)

Gail said...

Oh WOW! I am SO God's favourite at the moment. I feel incredibly blessed to have you as a friend Simone. Iron sharpens iron, and you, my dear, are SHARP. I learn so much about compassion and giving from you - and flip, as we are so different, God has definitely put you in my life to soften my hard edges. To think about others at a way deeper level.
Miss M is doubly blessed to have a good, loved friend in Miss Abs too. We are going to have to guard those two when they are older!! Yikes. You know seven months will go by quickly - and in that time you will be travelling too!! And remember - we have blog land - so we're sorted. See you tomorrow night, Love ya heaps!x

Anonymous said...

brought a tear to my eye
love this post Simoney
on so many levels
love in friendship is a beautiful thing
this is a lovely way to honour those things
7 months will go quickly....
what a blessings it is to miss someone

love and light

Jaymi said...

these are all beautiful pictures!

Sammy said...

Yeah man, Gail is pretty special. I love her too. And I love you. Both at the same time, isn't that marvellous!

Penny said...

What a beautiful post. I'm sure Gail will miss you just as much. Good friends are so precious.
And yip, agree, Gail is special!

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