01 March 2013

Countdown to a New Era (and a Giveaway)

I have been the mother of a preschooler for the past Ten Years. A decade of nappies, tantrums, kindy art and snotty kisses. 3650 days of train-track building, dressups and The Wiggles.

Those days are nearly over.
On Monday we have an enrolment interview up at the school for my last baby... and come the start of Term Two I will no longer have any preschoolers in the house.

As I race around getting Scrag's final jabs (so I can get the required Immunisation Certificate) and Statutory Declarations signed by JP's (to prove that we do in fact still live IN ZONE) I find myself struggling to get my head around the fact.

It's bittersweet.

No More Babies.
No more Kindy.
No more Mummy and Scrag Fridays.

Five whole school days every week to do all the things I have to do. Work on my little businesses.
That will be nice.

My editor thinks it's a great idea for a feature article in the next Parenting Mag. And that's where you come in, my fellow mummies. I want to include quotes gathered from fellow mums as part of the story. To paint the picture of the whole range of emotions and experiences as we face the trauma (and joy) of a whole new phase in our parenting journey.

Being parents of school age kids.
NOT being parents of pre-schoolers.

So I have some questions for you, and as a little bit of an extra incentive, a pretty sweet reward.

Penny Scallan Design, whose gorgeous products I reviewed last week, are offering one of you your choice of a gorgeous Kinder Backpack (RRP $64.95) or the fab waterproof Gear Bag. These are beautifully made and come in a range of fab designs (you get to choose which design, if you win).

Cool huh?
But first, the questions. I'd love to hear from anyone who has waved off their last child to school. And also from those who are anticipating it one day soonish.

  1. What were/are your feelings about it?
  2. What were the biggest challenges about this new phase of parenting OR
  3. What are you most worried about?
  4. What are the best things about having all your kids at school OR
  5. What are you looking forward to the most?
Leave me a comment answering any of these questions (you don't have to answer ALL, but you can if you like!) and also let me know how many kids you have and their ages.

I will decide on a winner based on your comments and post it here on my blog on TUESDAY.
(Plus, my favourite quotes will also be featured in Parenting Mag's June issue.)

Right. Now I'm off to the doctor to get those dreaded Jabs on our sixth-to-last Mummy and Scrag Friday. Wish me luck...

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