28 March 2013

Easter Posting from my Tablet (attempt #76)

NOTE: Before you read this, you should be told that I unsuccessfully attempted publish this post around a thousand and seventeen times last night. I was almost ready to throw the darn thing across the room. "Publishing failed" it said repeatedly, without a clue as to why. When I checked on my computer the draft wasn't even showing there. Grrrr! all those hours wasted. Then just now I had an idea. Try publishing it from the tablet again without the photos. Bingo! So there we have it. Photos have been added in from my regular ole computer. 

and finally, The Post...
Here's a first for me... I'm attempting to write a post from my tablet. This means that i must conquer the confusion of predictive text, type without a proper keyboard, and hit post without knowing how on earth it's going to look... it's an experiment.
It makes a  change to be able to sit on the comfy couch with the tablet on my knee instead hunched over the keyboard in the dark dreary hallway.
But this could get a bit hairy.
How are youth know whether my inane ramblings are the product of predictive text gone mad... or are simply evidence of a mind which has finally snapped under the strain of domestic drudgery?
You can't know for sure.
Since this is experiment, a test run of sorts, and yet it still needs to be in keeping with my recent promise of "quality" over "quantity" i decided to take for my subject the up and coming topic of Easter.
Since i handily happen to have an instagram snap of scrag wearing his kindy-made bunny mask i thought maybe i could have a little fun with it.
Usually i go deep at Easter.
We dress middle Eastern and eat lamb and pita... retell the story of the last supper... ponder the deep stirrings of my Christian faith.
This year i am no less in awe, no less grateful for the good news of the Easter message... but it's kind of hard to be profound when you are battling predictive silliness... when your tablet tries to call your kid "scrap" and all of sudden you look back at what you've typed and find the word "Andrew" in the middle of it. (Andrew? Who the heck is Andrew???)
So tonight all i am going to say about Easter is, yum. I love chocolate.
And i don't care if chocolate has nothing to do with the true meaning Easter. I can't give a toss if the Easter bunny is a pagan symbol of fertility. All i know is that chocolate is GOOD.
And the best kind?
Chocolate given by a friend.
Even better if it's fair trade chocolate. There's something about that stuff... yummy AND socially just.

I got to spend the morning hanging out with these lovelies as we advance plans to relaunch Kiwi Mummy Blogs
Cat blessed me with Fair Trade chocolate among other wonderful treats (a great magazine, some Lush bath bombs
and some Rescue Remedy among other stuff); Leonie crocheted me a dishcloth, gave me homemade peppermint
Jif and a Whitcoulls voucher. It's not even my birthday. I feel loved and blessed.

Thankyou Cat. I ate the chocolate while i cooked dinner and it prevented world war 3 in my kitchen.
Isn't kindness wonderful? Doesn't generosity and thoughtfulness make your heart swell and your eyes  prickle?
And so i have done all i can do for my experiment tonight.
I don't know if the picture will post properly. I don't know if you will make sense of my ramblings.
But i promise to log in tomorrow to my proper computer and do damage control.
In the meantime, what do you think?
Do you ever blog from your tablet?
(Or is it in the "too hard and way too annoying" basket?)

A FUN GAME: How many errors can you spot in this post? Typos? Nonsensical sentences? A Prize for the winner

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