08 March 2013

Kids Cook: Best Brownie Ever

It's been a while since I posted a recipe. For that matter it's been a while since I BAKED. And even today the chef is not me, it's my eight-year-old junior chef, Miss Fab.

Miss Fab got it in her head that she wanted to have brownie. A friend's (awesome baker) mummy had turned up at a BBQ with a box of brownie for her family's dessert. My poor deprived children felt rather sad that I hadn't brought dessert (i.e. brownie) for THEM and so Miss Fab decided SHE would become the baker of brownie, since I was so remiss.

"I need a recipe, mum!" she commanded/demanded/pleaded, the other day after school.
Google to the rescue...

Bingo. The first one that popped up in my search under "best brownie recipe" was so incredibly simple, and used such stock-standard ingredients that even in this baking-deprived household we had all the necessary  goods in the cupboard.

Guess what? It's also completely dairy free. No butter, no milk, no actual chocolate.
This is a perfect recipe to bake for friends who are allergic to dairy.
AND by swapping out the half a cup of flour for my trusty gluten free baking all-purpose mix, it becomes gluten free too.

Prep time: 5 minutes.
Baking time: 20 minutes.

What more could you ask for from an allergy friendly recipe on such short notice?

Well, deliciousness of course...

And yes this recipe delivers there too. Yum yum yum. Gooey, sticky, slightly chewy round the edges. Just the way brownie should be, even when cooked by a child.

So here's the recipe. I've set it up as a printable recipe card. Just right click and save to your computer and then print it out and take it for a test drive with your kids...

[click to enlarge; right-click to save]
This is such a great recipe that Miss Fab has baked it two days in a row. All on her own.
Both times, a perfect result.
Today we were all out of cocoa powder (it's been a while since I've baked, remember? Stocks are low.)
So my little pastry-chef-in-training tried her hand at chop chip cookies.
Oh dear. Not such a good result (I think she only put in half the flour and we ended up with a toffee-like substance spread across the baking tray).

Which just goes to show what a perfect recipe this brownie is for kids to bake. Easy. Delicious. Fail-safe. Allergy friendly. And ingredients that (most) mummies would have in their cupboards. Ahem.

Just one word of warning. EAT IT QUICK, cos it won't last til dinner time once the kids get hold of it. You might want to double the recipe. (And then hide some away, just for you).

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