14 March 2013

Lemonade and Hot Cross Buns (a Garden Tea Party)

It's been an incredible summer and it's not over yet.
I can't remember the last time it rained (yeah, I know... the poor farmers...)
Autumn is really nowhere in sight.

Every Monday I host a playgroup at my house. A bunch of local mums turn up with pre-schoolers in tow and morning tea to share. I set out the toys and lay the table.
We chat. We sip tea and snack on goodies.
The kids run wild in our garden.

We love playgroup; but with Scrag heading to school next term, it will be coming to an end.*
This means I want to make each and every last playgroup, super-special.
So when dear old Bakers Delight offered me some free hot cross buns for my playgroup morning tea, I remembered what a lovely time we had last year feasting on our favourites. Of course I said yes.

"Don't worry about bringing Morning Tea," I txted the girls. "Bakers Delight are supplying us with yummy hot cross buns again."

I mean really, who doesn't love hot cross buns? For me it's one of the best things about Autumn, when the Hot Cross Buns are back instore. Even though it still feels like the height of summer, I'm happy to warm up a bunch of cinnamon-and-currant delights and munch them down while wishing for rain (for the poor farmers).

Seeing as the weather is so splendiferous I decided to go the whole hog.
Not just regular morning tea under the carport grapevine. Nah, that's cool, but lets' push the boat out a little.
On a crisp clear golden summer-autumn morning like this, there must be bunting.
A rustic trestle table under the crab-apple tree.
And of course a lemonade stand serving home-made lemonade.

My whimsical-lovin' heart was singing with the delight of it all as I strung the bunting and spread the green-checked cloth.
Now all we needed was the Hot Cross Buns to arrive.
Lovely Julie from Bakers Delight was having them delivered specially in time for playgroup so the buns would be as fresh as fresh can be...

Right on time there's a knock at the door. The courier hands me a bag with two packs of buns in it. I sign for it, wondering where the rest of the buns are... then she waves and is gone.
I stand there with my two packets of buns thinking, OH CRAP.

I promised them buns. My playgroup mummies are coming from far and wide on the promise of delicious Bakers Delight buns, warm and crunchy from the oven, dripping butter low-fat dairy-free spread.
This was meant to be one morning tea they didn't have to make...

Better make the best of it and see how far two packs will stretch.
I flick on the oven, put my two packs of buns in to warm, while I start popping popcorn, opening crackers.
Somehow we scrape together morning tea.
And those buns do look good. And smell even better.
We divide them up carefully, half a bun here, quarter of a bun there.
Who wants chocolate chip? Who wants cinnamon and raisin?
Surprisingly two packs go quite a long way...!

I am sure there was some kind of mix up. Crossed wires. Tangled lines of communication.
It doesn't really matter.
The sun is shining, come on!
Just look at that blue sky. And the lemonade stand is pretty darn cute too...

The kids are having a ball (as always), the mums are enjoying themselves (as always)...
We came for the hot cross buns but stayed for the fun times, right?

They are trying to persuade me to keep playgroup going next term after Scrag goes to school. I shake my head and laugh. No. I love it, but someone else (with preschoolers) can pick this up if they want to. Me, I want to start an art group* (anyone wanna join my arty group? I can promise lemonade and tea; Mondays or Thursdays; BYO yummies).

[How to build this rustic lemonade stand; recipe for delicious homemade lemonade]

Can you imagine? Painting under the crabapple tree? Creating in blissful peace with some creative mummy friends...?
Heck, crafty mummies like Hot Cross buns and lemonade too.

Later I email Julie and tell her about our little mix up. She is so nice. She offers me a bunch of extra free vouchers for my playgroup. Looks like it will be hot cross buns and lemonade for morning tea again next week, ladies. And maybe an Easter egg hunt... (BYO Easter eggs.)

Hands up who loves hot cross buns? I've got three $10 hot cross buns vouchers to give away. If you want some free buns courtesy of the nice people at Bakers Delight (who make THE YUMMIEST hot cross buns around) you can get some one of two ways: Come to my super-awesome playgroup next Monday (contact me if you dare*) or leave me a comment answering one of the following deeply interesting questions:

  • What's your favourite kind of (easter) chocolate?
  • Easter traditions: do you have any? Share!
  • Are you really praying for rain for the farmers or are you secretly reveling in the best Kiwi summer in living memory???!!!
(I'll choose three winners on Friday and email you for your address; your vouchers will be sent in the post early next week.)

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