12 March 2012

One-a-penny, two-a-penny... Hot Cross Buns!

One of the best things about this time of the year is that it's Hot Cross Bun season -- which totally sucks when you're supporting your daughter who is gluten-free.

Never mind. I will stick to my guns. Investigate a GF recipe. Resist temptation. Stay far away from the bakery aisle...

Then comes the email from Bakers Delight, offering me Buns for my Family to Taste Test.
Oh so tempting. But...do they do Gluten Free ones? No??? Bummer.

I am about to say, No thankyou very much, when I think of a cunning plan.
Playgroup. I can share the buns with the Playgroup I run at my house every Monday morning. 
Miss Fab will be at school. What she doesn't know won't hurt her.
And I can sneak just one or two can't I?

I accept the offer and let the girls know the good news...

The nice lady at Bakers Delight even arranges to have the buns delivered in time for playgroup Monday morning. No need for me to rush and juggle setting up train-tracks with battling morning traffic.

As the girls arrive, they are greeted by the cinnamony scent of Hot Cross Buns, warming in the oven.

Actually, no. The first to arrive have to let themselves in, as I race to finish eliminating the smoke from Mr G's "well-cooked" breakfast sausages. But soon the yeasty spicy smell of warming buns banishes the pong of burnt sausage and we can close the windows. Phew.

Let the Bun-Tasting begin.

From the start we are divided quite clearly into two* camps....

At one end of the table is "Team Traditional" - stoic fans of the original flavour, complete with cinnamon and currants...

At the other end are "Team Chocolate"- die-hard chocolate eaters who favour choc chips over raisins.

I myself am firmly rooted and grounded in "Team Traditional".
None of your new-fangled flavours for me. Don't offer me jam. Lovely REAL Hot Cross Buns don't require anything more than some butter. Or Olivani if you're dairy-free.

* We didn't get to taste-test the "mocha" flavoured buns as some bakeries are not making them yet. Bummer.

As the buns are devoured, the debate rages. Traditional vs. chocolate.
Trying to keep an open mind, we give the other kind a try.
Hmmmmmm. Not bad.

But still, we know what we like.

At the chocolate end of the table, it dawns on someone that her life-long aversion to Hot Cross Buns was because she detests raisins. Chocolate Hot Cross buns are life-changing. Hehe.

Scrag is definite in his devotion to "the white kind" (he means the ones with the white "cross"; the chocolate ones have a chocolate cross on them)...

All the kids have their own preference...

But are unanimous in their love of buns in general...

The result?
A bunch of very satisfied mummies and kids, united in their love of Bakers Delight Hot Cross Buns.
Between us we polished off twenty-four buns.
Not a scrap left.

(Except for the one Scrag found under the table when everyone had gone. Delighted that it was his favourite "white kind", he asked me to "keep it safe and put in his kindy lunch tomorrow please!")

Thankyou Bakers Delight for a lovely morning tea. We give your buns a huge thumbs up!


Get your hands on some buns...
I have three $10 vouchers from Bakers Delight to give away to one of you sweet bun-lovin' readers.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment telling me your favourite way to eat Hot Cross Buns ...oven-baked or microwaved cos you just can't wait? with jam or just butter? Are you a "traditional" or "chocolate" bun lover?

I will make the draw on Friday and announce the winners on my "Things I'm Loving" post.

THE FINE PRINT: You need to live in New Zealand (near a Bakers Delight!) to enter. Sorrreeeee.

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remaliah said...

YUM!! Oh I need to get started on making hotcross buns!! Yay for Baker's Delight. Next year I'll be closer! Hope you find a great GF recipe

Jessica Nolan said...

Yum Hot Cross Buns. Love them oven baked with lots of butter. Chocolate flavoured is so good. Sean is longing for some Bakers Delight Hot Cross Buns. I got my traditional and chocolate flavoured Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns from the Gluten Free Grocer in Mt Eden. Also just saw on Facebook yesterday that Bakeworks are putting out gluten free hot cross buns in supermarkets from this Friday until Easter.

Miriam said...

YUM!!! looks like everyone was enjoying themselves

Simoney said...

Oooh YAY, thanks Jess! i will keep an eye out for those!

meg said...

fun! i love them the traditional way - & done in the oven so they are a bit toasty with butter. mmmm . . . the only sad thing is i'm the only one in our family who likes them. : ( maybe i will have to arrange a little 'hot cross bun' party too!

Jen said...

oh yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do you know the effect this post is having on me?????????

I LOVE microwaved ones cos I just can't wait. I LOVE them with butter and I LOVE them so much I dont mind if they are traditional or chocolate.

Unknown said...

Cute pics! I'm lazy and use the microwave, I love both types!

Anonymous said...

def toasty with BUTTER dripping off down your arms!
Linda B

Sally from Frills and Fun said...

What a great surprise and treat for you & the playgroup! The hot cross buns look like they were ENJOYED! :)

Our favourite way to eat is the good-old-microwave. And yes, it is b/c the Lord is still teaching us patience, BUT (and this is a genuine but, not just making excuses!!;) I like how they kinda go gooey-soft when you zap them for about 20 seconds EACH side! Cutting them in half, then zapping each side is the key!! (you're gonna be back under the table looking for a "left over" so you can try it right??! ;)

Barbs said...

It's got to be the traditional kind and It's gotta be hot from the oven and it has to be dripping with butter (Even though we dont usually have it in the house coz the allergy kid cant have it, but for Hot Cross Buns we make the exception!).

Melissa said...

I can't wait so microwaved and ONLY with butter, little guy loves the choccy but will devour either, I much prefer the traditional. My american husband doesn't seem to have a preference which I take to mean he dislikes both!

Isabelle said...

Definitely oven-baked and with butter. I'm a lover of both and I can't wait to try the Mocha, New World already has them.

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