21 March 2012

Battle of Hoth - a Play Adventure

Playtime with mummy has been on the increase in our family, since I've been doing the Incredible Years parenting course. In the four weeks since it began, I've deliberately focused on spending time engaging in child-led play with each of my kids, and seen great results. There's more laughter, less growling. My kids are hugging and kissing me more and are even nicer to each other.

We've played hide'n'seek, car races, the memory game... games little ones love and the big kids have happily joined in, but I was racking my brains trying to think of things I could do to play with Dash, to get on his level and engage in things he enjoys.

Then I got an email from the nice lady at Lego offering me a Lego game to try and review. I turn down most review offers, but this one really was perfect. So of course I said, yes please.

In the car on the way to football training, I told Dash, "Hey guess what? We're getting a Lego game to try out for FREE!"
"What? A Lego game? Meanage*! Which one? Is it Battle of Hoth cos I saw that in the Lego club magazine and it looks awesome!"
I look at him blankly, "Er... um... I think it was Battle of something... can't remember..."
"I bet it was Battle of Hoth! Wanna bet? I'll bet you fifty cents!"

It was Battle of Hoth. A new Lego Star Wars game based on the opening scenes of Empire Strikes Back. Couldn't be more perfect, because Dash is a major Lego Star Wars fan. I mean, he's a Star Wars fan from way back and when he got into Lego, it's the Star Wars stuff he's been collecting and building.
When the game came in the post (the very next day) Dash couldn't wait to begin building it.

"I think we should wait til later," I told him, "you know, when Scrag is in bed!"
Yeah right. There's a brand new Lego game waiting to be tried out and you want him to WAIT? Come on, mother, that's torture.

So in spite of my reservations, we opened the box. We built the game.

It's pretty straightforward, even for a Lego novice like me. Dash did the tricky bits (creating the ATAT's and other gizmos), while I stuck to my strengths and clipped squares onto circles...

It was all going so well. Here we were, bonding over Lego...

The game was built in about twenty minutes; we read up on the instructions (straightforward rules but with plenty of scope for upping the ante as we got familiar with the game)...
and the Battle of Hoth began...

The sound of our laughter drew a crowd...

Dash generously said the others could join in. He's come a long way, my son has, from the days when he threw a tantrum if he didn't win. Playing with him is a pleasure.

We tried to explain the rules to Scrag, we really did. When that failed, we even gave him his own Patrol Unit and said he could move it where he wanted, as long as he didn't touch the other pieces...

But there's a reason the game is for ages 8+
It's right there on the box. I should have known better.

We shouldn't have been surprised when the screaming started...

Sigh. The Lego-bonding was fun while it lasted.
We finished the game as best we could, with the sound of a human air raid siren ringing in our ears.
Dash whipped my butt (he was the Rebel Alliance with Luke Skywalker, I was the Galactic Empire, with Darth Vader, so it's fitting that the good guys triumphed.)

Next time we will wait until the three year old is safely in bed asleep.
And there will be a next time, because the Battle of Hoth is a fun game. And a great way for me to engage and have quality time with my Big Boy.

Epilogue: Overheard yesterday, as Dash showed the Lego-mad neighbours his new game.
DASH: "Look what my mum got for me cos she's a blogger...The new Battle of Hoth game!"
THE NEIGHBOURS: "Awwww lucky!! That's meanage*!"

*"Meanage" = new kidspeak for "awesome" "cool" "wicked" and other outdated "fantastic" words


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Jen said...

Learning to win graciously does take time doesnt it WTG!!! Dash and he won!!
pleased it was a pleasure playing together

Lego is cool!!!!!!!

Sammy said...

MEANAGE, haha! Did the words we used when we were young sound so insane to our parents? I fear so!

Widge said...

haha just saw all your comments on my blog :) thanks for making me feel spesh xo

My girls have their eyes on that new friends lego thats out at the mo for their up and coming birthdays this year. That log cabin would be awesome with that CUTE! or should i say *ahem

Karlee said...

Love Lego!!! So many fond memories of it from childhood. My girls would want to build a princess palace out of Lego if they could for the National LEGO® Building Competition

Widge said...

oh yeah entering the giveaway....! Boots said she would build a huge cat and then goes "oh wait I don't know how to make a cat so I'll just build a possum"
mind of a 5 year old

Neetz said...

Awesome!! :) How can you say NO to reviews? and trials of such cool things!!? haha

My son LOVES lego, and he told me that he would love to build the whole Moshi Monsters City if he had enough lego... then he said "If I had enough lego and was a little more creative minded!!!" hahaha.. :)

Unknown said...

Oh, I love this Simone! The look on his face speaks volumes. :)
My boys would freak out over that set!
Hope you are well! Blessings to you and yours!

LatteJunkie said...

My Monkey is a little young (4) to be in a competition but he built a house bus today complete with a computer and a coffee cup... And he's always trying to build the perfect cafe :)

Summer Day said...

In our house we love LEGO! One little boy would make a plane with lots of engines for exceptional power and the other one would definitely make a rocket! The rocket may look kind of random but seen as T is only two it is all about how it is moved and the sound effects ;)

By the way, loving your Peter Pan party planning. My nearly 5 year old is going to have a Peter Pan party. What I really like is that your ideas are so do able even for us craft challenged! Thank you for sharing!

Sophie said...

What?? Bummer! I was so going to enter! We are heaps big Lego fans here! So meanage that you got a freebie to try out!! (does slipping that in make me cool? does it? does it?)

Had to chuckle looking at your photos, it's like those Jackie comics we used to read when we were kids!! LOL

Lyns said...

Master 3 would like to build "a speed boat, like this...." He does some hand movements to show you build a speed boat!!

Deb Wall said...

My boy is keen on making a wheelchair! A little strange perhaps, but a little different and perhaps not thought of before... aldeb@orcon.net.nz

Miriam said...

Yes please! We love lego!! Not sure exactly what we would build but it would involve transportation for sure!

A Life Less Complicated said...

meanage? definitely a new word for me! Elijah is a little obsessed with recreating the Sky Tower - we've had quite a few versions in the last year, each better than the last.

CHD said...

My kids would build an Ewok, a NASA rocket, a big plane and a princess (there are 4 of them) for the building competition. They would love this set. So would I for that matter. I like building Lego too, so we would all just have to share. Thanks. Cx

tartankiwi said...

I suspect my daughter would build a gruffalo- she's a bit obsessed at the moment!. A great post Simoney- you had me giggling all the way though :-)

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