30 March 2012

Loving... NOT Loving

Crisp autumn mornings
Boys who do their homework without being nagged
Girls who tidy their rooms beautifully
Heirloom lamps with retro shades

Friends who bring flowers
Dressing Gowns
Bunny Ears
Second chances
Great writing {The Art of Writing Strong Blog Content}
Inspiring Quotes

NOT Loving...
Botched craft projects
Wasted ingredients
Ideas that don't work out...

(thank goodness for second chances)


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Sally from Frills and Fun said...

I'm pretty sure i have your matching lampshade (just a bigger version, & different colour fringe) sitting on the lamp in my living room!! :)

Botched projects are so frustrating eh!!
Have you thrown out the glue? What about using it for something that you don't need it to be sticky? Did the glow in the dark part work?

-Add some paint to it, swirl it around the inside of a small balloon & make glow-in-the-mark easter eggs? Have a night-time easter egg hunt?

-Add it to a little nailpolish & give you girls a glow-in-the-dark manicure?

-Mix with a little paint and make a glow-in-the dark canvas for the kids room?

Simoney said...

Thanks Sally, for all your great suggestions! if ONLY it were possible to do it, but it has turned from glue into something more resembling a lump of sticky dough. Sticky to the touch, but not spreadable or able to be thinned.
LUCKILY I decided to contact the manufacturers and let them know the purpose of what I was making, and offer to put links to their website in exchange for another lot of pigment at cost price. They have agreed, so i get a SECOND CHANCE! This time i will use spray glue and then shake some pigment into the jar. Watch out for that post sometime next week...

Gail said...

OK, this is going to sound strange - but that homework sheet is exactly what I need for Olivia - do you think you could nab a blank for me and scan it/email it??? Am sure the Teacher would have it on file????

And to your post: Love the quote and photo you matched it with, clever. And daughter who tidies room up beautifully - can she please email her BF in China with helpful tips?????

PaisleyJade said...

Bummer about the botched up experiement - I've tried the same recipe twice last week with expensive ingredients and both times it's flopped!! So bummed out but thankfully not life threatening ;)

Cat said...

bummer about the craft-gone-wrong
love everything else♥

love and light

Neetz said...

Oh man I hate it when you botch up craft stuff!! I always try to salvage what I can...but usually its just WASTE! :) haha. (or becomes a dog toy or something!)..

Cool list :)
Oh..if only my son would clean his room like your daughter!!!! :)

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