02 March 2012

Me on tv... (hehehe)

I have to say that I love my hard-drive recorder.
(You could call it "Poor Man's MySky" - I won't. I'm not a poor man.)

It works very similar to MySky - allowing me to record two channels at once, live pause, series link and see what's coming up on all channels for the next week.

I love it because I never have to watch ads any more. We record what we want to watch and then forward the ads. We can watch programmes that are on too late for the kids, together at our leisure.

Which is what we've been doing a bit of lately; me and the kids, watching stuff together.
X-Factor, American Idol, Biggest Loser, Masterchef...

Now finally after all that pre-amble we get to the funny part...

Dash thinks I should be on Masterchef!

Sweet boy. He thinks I am a "good cooker" so I should be on there.
He says, You could cook something in less than an hour, easy. Why don't you go on there, Mum???

I love his vote of confidence.

Not quite so funny is his next suggestion.

Last night I was having car races with the boys; we were in fits of laughter as I was completely useless racing my vehicle up the hall and down, saying, Ow, My back! between snorts and giggles. I lost every race.

Dash says cheekily, Mum maybe you need to go on Biggest Loser...???

He quickly adds, You know - so you can get fitter...???!
Yeah right.

{come on, I'm not that bad am I?}

Having said that, if I ever did go on Biggest Loser I would definitely pick Bob for my trainer. I love Bob. I just know I would work really really hard for Bob...

What will Dash think of for his mummy to do next?
Survivor is back on TV come Sunday...

Can you imagine it???


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Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

Tee hee, gorgeous! I would totally want to have Bob as my trainer too. Obviously your stint on 'Survivor' would be after appearing on 'TBL' - look how skinny you are!! :)

jacksta said...

I love survivor! So far its a good season. Men vrs women...

PaisleyJade said...

Haha - you crack me up!! Love it!

Rebecca said...

Haha, so clever!!
I was just thinking 5 mins ago too about gettn one of those TV recorder things too....where do you get em from??
Have a great weekend, love ya x

Jen said...

Bobs a bit of all right aint he
have a good weekend

Barbs said...

Hehehe Thanks for the laugh!. I love your sense of humour and your awesome photos. You rock.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha I only just saw this and the second survivor photo of them all running made me LOL.

Jamie Swan said...

LOL, such a creative post! Love all your faces on the different actors.

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