01 March 2012

Planning a Peter Pan Party

Pirate Parties are fun, there's no doubt about it. But if you want to shake things up a little and make your party girl-friendly too, a Peter Pan Party keeps everybody happy.

Peter Pan himself couldn't have said it better... " Fairies! Mermaids! Indians! Pirates!"
And don't forget the Lost Boys and that giant clock-eating crocodile. So much scope for creative party planning, right there.

Our family are mad keen on the 2003 version of Peter Pan, starring Jeremy Sumpter. It's a live action film and as magical and colourful as Peter Pan should be. The Disney version has yet to grace our TV screen.

We have managed to convince Scrag that a Peter Pan Party will be loads of fun for his fourth birthday.
I am bursting with ideas for this party, helped along by my dear friend and wonderful Party Planning Assistant, Pinterest.

What better way to collect all your party ideas in one place? A visual feast it is too.

PINTEREST PARTY PLANNING: Are you on Pinterest yet? It's the perfect tool for planning a party. I create a board for each party I am planning, and pin ideas from all over the place. Then I add pins of my ideas to the board when the party is complete - a great way to put my ideas and party posts out there!

Today I wrote out my party plan...

  • Carport = Lost Boys Hideout – tinsel, ivy, green streamers hanging from edges for “vines”; sacking tablecloth; bamboo table runner; green plates and cups, Neverland Map on wall; “Lost Boys Secret Hideout!” on old wood sign at front
  • Treehouse = Pirate Ship – Attach “mast” to top level and hoist up a white sheet with skull and crossbones for sail, with pirate flag on top. Attach “Plank” for walking the plank; borrowed gym mats/mattresses underneath for jumping into = sea
  • Plastic playhouse = Wendy house – decorate with vines and flowers + sign “Wendy’s house”
  • Create Teepee for Indian village – bamboo + calico, painted with Indian symbols etc; over by lemon tree, with “fake fire” made of stones for dancing around
  • Fairy mobiles in trees – strands of mirror tiles to catch the light and send out spots of dancing light = fairies
  • Signs made from old wood attached to trees: “Do you believe in Fairies?” “I do! I do!”  “Crocodile Creek” “Mermaid Lagoon” etc
I'm going to HAVE to make these croc cupcakes!


  • Mr G = Hook
  • DASH = Smee (Hook’s assistant)
  • MISS FAB = Tinkerbell
  • SCRAG = Peter Pan
  • SIMONE = Mummy Darling

  • Hide and seek – all the kids hide and Hook finds them and sends them to the pirate ship. At the end they all have to walk the plank
  • Indian statues – (all get given a feather headband to wear); do Indian dancing around the fake fire while the drum beat goes. Freeze when the drum stops. If move – get sent to the pirate ship where Hook makes them walk the plank (again!)
  • Sword fighting (soft swords); on square mat, try to sword fight the other person off the mat; the winner fights Hook
  • Treasure hunt – find fairy “wands” hidden all over the garden (coloured popsicle stick with mirror tile attached for bouncing around light); take to Hook and get given a take-home treat bag = sweets; (they take these home as well)

Doesn't it sound like fun? Now All I need is fine weather *crosses fingers and PRAYS*

Here is the invitation I've designed; it will be printed onto magnets, as usual (I have a great collection on my fridge representing all the parties we've done)...

I've created a Printable version for anyone planning a Peter Pan Party. Actually, there are four versions of it - for those who prefer the more recognisable Disney version, and those who want to personalise and add their own text... all available FREE here on my Kids Party Invitation Website. Or get it personalised through my Etsy store....

I'm so pumped about it I've even started making things. Yesterday... a Map of Neverland.

How to Make a Map of Neverland

Using a pencil, sketch a rough outline of the map onto brown craft paper; then go over more carefully with a fine black marker.
I sketched my map from this version found on Google:

You can see that my version is a lot more basic!
I used twist-up crayons to add some soft colour and then carefully tore around the edges of the paper.

To get the "aged" look, I used old teabags, squeezing the tea onto the paper and smearing it around "artistically".

Build up layers for a really ancient-looking map.

For the finishing touch, burn the torn edges. *Safety Tip: if you do it while the paper is still damp from the teabags, it will help make sure the whole thing doesn't catch on fire!*

Then step back and admire your ancient map of Neverland...

Peter Pan Party How To's

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Stephanie @ Hugs, Kisses and Snot said...

LOVE this party idea. Great map! 2003 Peter Pan is my favorite too.
Good work

jacksta said...

Has it been a whole year since Buzz! Crazy how fast the year is flying!

Cat said...

you are a star!!!

love and light

Miriam said...

LOve it!

Genevieve said...

Hi, just discovered your blog today and love it. I too am a pinterest fanatic, we designed and built a kids playhouse this summer via pinterest. I will look you up.

Sophie said...

It is going to be an awesome party!!!! Loving the sound of those games!!!

Sophie said...

oh, just pinned your map too - love it!

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