15 March 2013

What's Not to Love...?

Here's a few things I'm lovin' lately:

Mummy-and-Scrag Fridays (soon to be a thing of the past)

Super-serious faces (worried the tram is not headed in the right direction)

Clever Young Bakers (whipping up brownie, all on her own)

Eager young painters (insisting on helping with party prep)

Keen young helpers (all ready to assist at Scrag's Carnival Party)

Funny camera-finds (and the truly interesting angles in a four-year-old's photography)

DIY, upcycling and paint effects (and the free stuff you find at the Dump)

This week I've also been loving...
....and well as getting paint under my fingernails and all over my arms from all that painting; hanging out with dear friends and spending all day TALKING; and getting through another week, drug-free, somehow. By the skin of my teeth.

What are you loving lately?

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