08 July 2013

Grateful to Finally KNOW: I'm Dyslexic

Cognitive testing to find out whether I might be on one or other of the spectrums (dyslexia or ASD)?
Today I got the initial results, and it turns out the tests were well worth doing.
I have *classic dyslexia*.

All this time. I'm 43 and I've gotten this far without knowing it.
All these years I've wondered why some things that seem straightforward and simple for other people are so gosh darned hard for me...
Being organised. Remembering things. Managing my household. Making decisions. Noticing things I should be noticing.

Now I know why.
My brain works differently to other people's.
I am in the Richard Branson Club. I have a Big Picture brain.
Too much information overwhelms me, but I can think outside the box and come up with some amazing stuff. Just don't be surprised if I turn up late or forget I promised to be somewhere (or that I saw that movie with YOU).

I am incredibly relieved to finally be able to make sense of myself.
I have yet to get the full report, but here is my "profile"...

[my profile = "classic dyslexia"]

Some areas are crazy-high. Others, rather jolly low.
Really good at some things. Really NOT good at others.

Golly gosh I am so grateful to have this answer.
Not a label, just an explanation.
I can look back at my life and pat myself on the back, acknowledging what it has taken for me to get where I am. I can give myself credit for achieving what I have. (I'm usually way too hard on myself).

Apparently I need to give myself a break and stop trying to fit my square-peg self in the round holes of others expectations. I can actually finally be OK with being the way I am. I can accept myself more and put some things in place to help me manage my responsibilities with less stress.

So flippin grateful to finally know - and accept - that I really am *different* - and that's OK.

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