30 July 2013

Snowflakes & Skating: A Winter Wonderland Party

When it's time to plan my only girl's birthday party, I get to go all out on the prettiness factor.
This year she asked for an Ice Skating birthday (inspired by the Disney movie "Ice Princess") and immediately I went to work on Pinterest, searching for blue and white food, Wintery decor and icy gorgeousness.

My lemonade stand (from the Carnival Party) came in handy, and looked perfect decorated with some blue-and-white (no-sew) bunting. The above snap is taken before we set the party table and put the lemonade stand to its proper use...

[Blue lemonade = regular Lemonade (a.k.a. Sprite) with a few drops of food colouring]

Look at all that blue-and-white food. Lamingtons, jellies, snowflake cupcakes and cookies, white chocolate snowflake lollipops, and lots of blue-and-white sweets. (I had hoped to attempt Macarons for the first time, but will leave that challenge for another day, another party)...

We had lots of fun decorating the ceiling with our faux-helium balloons
(no actual helium required - just a spot of double sided tape)...

Don't they look like they just floated right on up there? You'd never know any different (for a fraction of the cost).

To screen the pretty party from the kitchen, we strung up old mosquito nets and some Christmas icicle lights...

And then there was the cake...

(Blue on the inside too)

These days we try to keep the numbers low for parties... it helps eliminate too much stress and chaos. So just five little friends came to eat play and iceskate (one joined us later at the ice rink).

There was blue and silver makeup/facepaint and hairspray to dress up with...

Anticipating the cold ice, I made "party favours" of some gloves (found cheaply in bulk on TradeMe) and a scarf (made very easily from white felt). The idea was that the girls could decorate their scarves and then wear them ice skating...

After indulging in our delicious and beautiful blue feast we packed everyone into the people mover and headed to the ice skating rink...

Each Winter a temporary ice rink is set up in Aotea Square, right in the middle of the city. 
It looks fantastic, with all the coloured lights, and not too big.

The girls impressed me with their perseverance. Ice skating is not easy! They kept at it, making use of the side rails and push-frames until they gained their confidence and balance.

It's thirsty work, skating, so here's something I prepared earlier...

[Melted Snowflakes = water; printable snowflake labels designed by me]

After two solid hours of skating they had still not had enough. but it was time to say farewell...

Oops, in all the excitement we forgot to do the birthday cake!!?!?!?!
It was still sitting unlit, uncut, uneaten.
Oh well.


The next day was Miss fab's ACTUAL birthday, and we had Birthday Party Take Two (a shared lunch) with some family friends... so we lit the cake then, sung happy birthday and the Birthday Girl finally got to blow out her candles...

All in all a very enjoyable Birthday Celebration. 
No stress, just lots of laughs and pretty blueness.


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