29 July 2013

Grateful for My Girlie

This is my girl. We call her Miss Fab (because she is fabulous).
Yesterday was her ninth birthday and today I am dedicating my Grateful post to her.
Isn't she flippin gorgeous?
Last night Mr G and I watched her baby video together, where she merged blinking and alert into the world. Somehow we knew she would be special. Clever. A chatterbox.
She is all those things and more.

When she was born I was incredibly grateful. A longed-for daughter and a natural birth (after a caesarian first time round). Having her made me feel like SuperWoman.

Her personality emerged very early on: Feisty, irregular, vocal, fun-loving, energetic.
She was super-quick to get moving, determined to keep up with her boisterous big brother (who loved her to bits from the start and welcomed her home from the hospital by licking her like a lollipop).

Miss Fab started crawling at 5 months, walking by 10 months.
She was the first one to break a bone and ride in an ambulance (our girl keeps us on our toes.)
By age one she had a list of twenty words she could say and she hasn't stopped talking since.

One of the things I love and appreciate most about my girl is her generous heart. Miss Fab is always the first to offer assistance and lend a hand.
She is my right-hand-girl when it comes to party-prep and must have loaded and unloaded the dishwasher at least four times for me between Thursday and Friday.
She's so enthusiastic and excited about every detail, which makes preparing a party for her super-rewarding. The hugs and kisses I get are endless. She is a girl who knows how to be grateful.

[here she is opening presents with her buddies at her party on Saturday]

Here are just some of the things I am grateful for about my sweet girl...

Your sweet smile and hearty full-body laugh. You know how to enjoy yourself and make others want to join in too.

Your loving and affectionate nature. I love it how when I tuck you in at night, you won't let me leave until you have smothered me with kisses. I love that you always want to spend time with me. I love that you treasure the things I do for you, and write me notes and show so openly how you feel.

Your big-hearted kindness. I am always impressed at how you keep helping those scallywag brothers of yours. They are truly blessed to have a sister like you. They might not realise it now but they will one day, I promise you. You are a blessing to them and us.

Your feistyness and strong sense of justice. I love the way you stand up to bullies and speak up for little people. You are a champion. Not many people (including grownups) have the guts to do what you do. I love that you know what is right and good and speak up when things aren't fair.

Your energy. If I could have just a smidge of that?!?! You are a whirlwind, an irresistable force of nature.

Your creativity. It love how you take pride in making your room beautiful. Sure, it can be a bit annoying when you rearrange the furniture once a week, but I understand it. I love your doodles, your "notes to self" and endless journals. I love your stories and the way you keep fiddling with your blog design. I love that *creativity* is something we share.

And finally:  I am so very grateful that out of all the little girls in the world, I got YOU.
I love you so so much, gorgeous girl.

Happy Ninth Birthday 
love from Mummy xxx




P.S. If you want to make Miss Fab's day, hop across to her blog and *follow* 
then leave her a comment. She will FLIP!

(Ice Skating Party post coming tomorrow)

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