27 July 2012

Loving Her at Eight

Birthdays seem to come around so fast these days.
Wasn't it just a couple of months ago that I was planning a Fairy Party for my girl's fourth birthday?
No. That was half her life ago. Now she's Eight.

I can't get the years back, but thanks to blogging and endless photo taking, 
I've managed to catch some moments as they've breezed past, 

This is a Birthday Post for my Girl. The only girl I'll ever have.
As I whispered in her ear when I said bedtime prayers last night,
"Thankyou God, that out of all the girls in the world i got the best one..."

I wouldn't swap her or change a thing about her.
As time passes, I'm coming to understand her better.
How we are similar and how we are different.
I love to take her out for coffee, or walk with her holding hands.
I love that she still likes to hold my hand even though she doesn't need to anymore.

I enjoy her energy and spirit and admire her fiery boldness.
I am in awe of her strength, both inward and outward.
How she stands up to bullies and gives it all on the sports field.
I love her gentleness with little ones and animals; her tender heart and nurturing instinct.
Her mix of strong and soft, loud and sweet gives me goosebumps.
She is truly fearfully and wonderfully made.*

So Happy Birthday Darling Girl.
Eight Years Old and more beautiful with every passing day.

Love Always from 




*From Psalm 139

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