17 July 2012

I Opened a Shop

Here I am, sweeping the front step and laying out the welcome mat of my brand new Etsy Shop.
I've done it - gone back into the Personalised Invitations business, thanks to my savvy daughter Miss Fab.

There I was the other night, updating my Free Party Invitation Website and Miss Fab was looking over my shoulder.
"Whatcha doin' mum?" she asked.
"Adding in my new invitations," I said.
"Do you sell them?" she asked.
"No they're free," I told her.
"FREE???! You should sell them!" she exclaimed.
She got me thinking, mainly cos she's the second person to say that in the last two weeks.

I've been down that road before, back in the days when I was a blogging newbie.
Long before I'd ever heard of Etsy.
It was hard work for little return. Clumsy and messy and a pain.

So I made all my invitations simple, printable and free; I put them out into the world as a gift.
Here's a few of them (they're clickable)...


 But now... well... there's a proper merchant site with shopping carts and everything.
It kind of changes things. Of course I am still offering the freebies, don't worry.
But now I can personalise invitations for people without a headache (and maybe earn some dosh.)

So I've opened an Etsy shop. It's called GreatFun Design.
I've updated ten designs, and I'm offering them at NZ$15 for a digital copy of the invitation, personalised with your kid's photo (edited to look like a fairy or a dinosaur hunter or whatever) and party details.
I plan to add other printables and more designs as time goes by and I figure out properly how it all works.

I've even created a discount coupon you can use:
Enter "BIRTHDAY1" at the checkout and you'll get 20% off.
(As well as a super-duper cool birthday invitation with your kid's face on it)

please come visit!

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