13 July 2012


Love takes many forms.
The friendship between two soul-sisters.
The kindness of strangers.
The heart-swell of a mother for a child.
The passion between lovers.

Love makes the world go round.
Love gives life meaning; it gives me something to get up for.
Without Love, well, what's the point really?

I found this quote and had to Pin It:

Doesn't it make so much sense of the world?
Selfishness and greed have created the horrors that plague our planet.
So many of us humans have it all backwards.
It doesn't matter who is right or wrong on controversial issues.
Being right is not important.
Loving is what matters.

Without Love we are just so much empty noise.
So what if my theology is perfect or my science is correct? If I care more about being right than caring for the people in my World, I am wasting my time.
Whatever I do or say counts for nothing.

This is totally not what I planned to write as a post this morning.
I was coming to do a list of the Things I'm Loving as I do most Fridays.
Loving my daughter's friendship with her China pal.
Loving hanging out with dear friends over coffee, dinner.
Loving my kids and how awesome they are.

Somehow I drifted into a rant about Love.

I've been thinking about SophieSlim's Love Bombs, and in particular the people who have been nominated to receive one.
Life can be so devastatingly hard sometimes, can't it?
Illness, conflict, worry, grief.
But Love can make the difference between Hope and Despair.
Knowing that you are not alone after all; that someone remembers you, is thinking of you.
A tangible blessing, chocolate you hold in your hands, sent by strangers who just want to show you Love (even though they don't even know your name)...
How powerful is that?


I've been in the pits of despair before.
I've felt alone and hopeless.
It's always been Love and Kindness that have shone a light and helped me climb back up out of the darkness.

Want to help shine a light for some fellow humans?
Swim against the tide of selfishness and do something extraordinary by Loving a stranger?

Read Sophie's post about the latest Love Bombs.
Let your heart be moved. Love a stranger in some small way.
See what you can send?

(Here Endeth the Rant)


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