19 July 2012


You know how you always forget that thing your kid said, which was so darn funny and cute?
(No? Oh, You have perfect recall. Right. Well, just me then.)

I like to record the things my kids say for the benefit of my holey mummy-brain - which finds it hard to retain important things like "Get Visa Sorted for China" and "Call Washing Machine Repair Guy" but oddly knows my credit card numbers off by heart.

I keep a record of these quirky little snippets of life, so I can read them and giggle at the innocent cuteness of my kids in years to come.
Here are a few of the amusing things my kids have come out with lately....

THE SCENE: My crowded morning bed, full of small bodies wanting a snuggle as usual.
Scrag is singing, I'm on the Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga, at the top of his voice (with the words changed to "I'm on the Edge of the Be-e-e-e-d!". It's our morning anthem.)

THE KID-ISM: The song changes to It's not about the money, money, money... (Scrag loves to wake us up with his singing).
Then he turns to me and says, "So mum is that song by Baby Gaga too?"

Hehehe. Baby Gaga. Makes perfect sense.

THE SCENE: Our people-mover on the way to netball, full of little girls we are transporting to the game. Dash is way in the back, behind the girls; Scrag is riding up front with me.
Dash has just had Round One of Senior School Speeches. His speech is about losing trust and includes a gag about his dad buying a red Lambourghini. It's a pretty cool speech and I am eager to hear how it went.

THE KID-ISM: I call out to him, way in the back: "So, your class liked your speech? What did they actually  say?"
There's a pause... and Scrag pipes up: 
"Um, BE QUIET?????"

Hehehehe. Nuff said.

THE SCENE: On the way to the Dental Clinic with Miss Fab for a check-up. We are chatting about a movie we saw as a fundraiser (which she hated and walked out of). It was Men in Black III.

THE KID-ISM: She turns to me and says, "So mum, you know that movie Black Men in Suits....?"

Hehehehe. Small things amuse me, what can I say?

THE SCENE: My crowded morning bed (again). Dash and Scrag are in for a morning snuggle but Miss fab has yet to surface. Then we hear her moving about in her room and Dash whispers to me, "Mum! Pretend you're asleep when she comes!"

THE KID-ISM: Footsteps. Miss Fab slides under the covers and I give her a kiss and say, "Morning luv..."
Dash (who has been simulating snoring in an effort to trick his sister) groans loudly: "Aw Mum! You were meant to pretend you were asleep!"
"Awwww, sorry, luv. I forgot."
A pause. Then Dash says: "Um, no offence Mum, but you have a terrible memory!"

Hehe. Yep I do.


What funny things have your kids said to you lately?

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