23 July 2012

Aaaargghhh! It's Monday already! (Best in Blog Linky)

I have a camera full of photos from the weekend and a head full of witty stories, but no time to share any of them right now.
In between cooking a roast meal, hosting guests for lunch and washing endless dishes, I spent all day Sunday creating a Recipe Book on Snapfish for my daughter's birthday. Each page created in Photoshop and uploaded. It's a beautiful book, if I do say so myself.

Nothing says I love you like a Homemade gift, I reckon.
Time + Effort = Love.

I don't crochet, or sew.
A recipe book shall be my offering.
Full of photos of friends and baking days, plus the favourite recipes we make together.

So when I tell you that I have run out of time to visit and comment on all the links from last week's linky, you will forgive me won't you?
I will get to it, I promise.
And NEXT week, we'll have a double list of favs, OK?

It's just that my butt is numb and my shoulders are cramping and I still need to do the online shopping.
PLUS there's a book on my nightstand crying out to be finished. (A book I won, thanks to the lovely Meghan from MNM's, this month's Bookclub host).
Mrs Readalot is waaaaay behind when it comes to this month's BookClub.

I am just so lucky to have such understanding readers. Blessed indeed.

Right, so here's the linky details and how to join in.
I promise I will do better this week and not leave it to the last minute to come visiting...

 How to join in with my "Best in Blog" linky.
The "Best in Blog" Linky opens at 7am every Monday (NZ time*) and closes midnight Friday.
You don't have to write a special post, or take a photo on a theme or anything that requires extra work...
All you have to do is pick your favourite post from the past week (the one you are most proud of) and share it with us. I will feature my favourites on next week's Best in Blog.

Just one thing you need to do before you link up... Can you please dress your post with this pretty button I've made so your readers can find our linky too?

Best in Blog Linky

Thankyou kindly!

(Oh, and please leave us a comment telling us why you picked this one... even if it was because it was your only one, hahaha!)

*For some of you US readers, that will be sometime on Sunday!

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