12 July 2012

A Brilliant Baking Birthday Party

Miss Fab's Eighth Birthday Baking Party was a whole lotta fun. More like hanging out with friends and baking together than the usual stress and noise of a party. Enjoyable, edible and beautiful - what more could you want in a birthday party?

With a nod to the Fifties in the colour choices, polka dots and printables, this was so much fun to put together. Pink and aqua, lemon and red. Lollies and sprinkles of all shapes and sizes, ready to turn cupcakes and cookies into edible bling.

The special guest from China arrived (wahoo!)

The guest list was teensy (my kitchen aint the biggest).
Just four little girls who love to bake, and one mummy friend to help.
I made the felt chef hats and teatowel aprons in one glue-gunning morning. So easy. So cute.
Don't they look awesome? (if I say so myself).

The coolest thing is that these four were all guests at the fourth birthday  Fairy Party (my very first blog post), half a lifetime ago. Long time friends; so special.

I made a "Menu" with our "schedule" and some visual suggestions of some cool cupcake creations (which were of course ignored)....
[Printable Party Menu - right click to save to your computer]
They melted chocolate and licked spoons; kneaded pizza dough and rolled out cookies...

I showed them how to make fondant roses...

There was a lot of laughing. Creativity was at an all time high...

Perfectionists beware: When kids are in the kitchen you just have to let go of your own ideas. Their creativity is impulsive, colourful, imperfect and exuberant. Control freaks may find this difficult.

Sprinkles went on everything. EV.E.RY.THING.

When it came time to decorate the birthday cakes, the girls just went nuts.
They each had a ring cake to decorate in pairs. The idea was to then put the rings together and make a Number Eight. Clever right?

I was imagining glorious colourful-but-cute kid decor.
The hidden control freak in me stood back in horror as the sprinkles went on.... and on... and on...

Ahhh well it was still a great idea, but I should probably have got them to decorate the cakes first (when energy was high) instead of last (when sprinkles were a quick solution).

Inside the cake was a rainbow surprise, in pink, turquoise and yellow. Lovely.

To finish off we invited all the mummies to come and share afternoon tea with us, eating our carefully crafted colourful treats. We asked our guests to pick their favourite item, and then awarded a prize to the creator of that item.

(Look here's my dear friend Gail, all the way from China...)
The mini pizzas were a hot favourite. Yum yum. The perfect antidote to all that sugar.

After we blew out the candles on the crazy lolly cake, we waved goodbye to our sweet little guests and gave them each a china cupcake to take home, as well as their chef hats and aprons.

Then we set to work sweeping up sprinkles and wiping up crumbs... satisfied that our Baking Birthday was indeed BRILLIANT.

Baking Birthday How To's


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