20 July 2012

Green Kitchen Envy

I love my house.
You know this, right?
But we all have dreams. Magazine-fueled daydreams. Pinterest-fueled drool-fests.

This one is mine. A kitchen I spotted in a magazine at the Dental Clinic yesterday. The kindly Dental Nurse must have noticed my slavering glazed expression; she offered me the magazine to keep.
So I could sit on my windowseat and dream of what can be.
Shove the page under hubby's nose and say, "See look. This is what I'd love for our kitchen one day..."

Of course hubby glances casually at the page and says, "Oh that's just like your mum's old kitchen."
Oh so not!
Maybe the layout, I'll grant you. But he fails to see the beauty of those details. The green painted cabinetry, the vintage tiles and new-but-old kitchen stove. Just look at those retro chairs, recovered in gorgeous oilcloth. They'd be perfect with the table I've inherited from mum.

The kitchen colour palette, they call it Pink and Pistachio.
So purty. Though I'd probably go for more of an aqua colour rather than green. 
A Soft turquoise. Duck-egg blue.

If I am going to convince hubby that the details matter I may have to actually make a plan.
Perhaps a kitchen-specific Pinterest dream-board.
What am I thinking? he's a bloke.
He'll simply scroll down, nod and mutter, Yeah nice, and hope I'll take it no further.

[Even the headline is appropriate]

Never mind, dreams are free. I can pin and drool and dream, loving all this gorgeousness and plotting a way to bring it home one day.

I can see it all now. My kitchen. Cupboards painted turquoise. Bench, a polished concrete slab, with butler sink. A retro kitchen range, with (mis)matching groovy fridge. A working dishwasher (now there's a dream).

Cuphooks and shelves to display all my pretty things.
Mum's old table centre-stage, surrounded by retro chairs. Or maybe bentwood chairs. Or perhaps a mistmatched collection of vintage kitchen chairs.

Knock through the wall and open up the room. Re-expose the fireplace.
Can you imagine sitting on the window seat with fire crackling?
I'll have to do something about those cork tiles on the kitchen floor... perhaps polished concrete to contrast the boards in the dining area?

Ah yes, just as well dreams are free. Cos dream kitchens sure aint.

Do you have a Pinterest board for your house dreams? 

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