21 December 2011

No-Sew Felt Bunting

I whipped up some bunting last night.
Do you like how I said that?
Almost like a crafty blogger.

But not really. Not a stitch in sight.
This cute-as bunting was made entirely using my glue gun.

If you haven't got a glue gun, go quickly and get one. They are cheap as chips.
My one is a basic Warehouse job for $7.99. The glue sticks cost $2 for a pack of twenty-seven.
Bargain, right?
I love my glue gun. I mean, look what it can do!

I used the felt and hessian leftover from my teacher-gift crafting.
Turquoise green & white felt. Rust-red hessian (burlap).

Here's how to make my no-sew felt bunting. No stitching. no staples, just lovely hot glue.
{mine is Christmas themed, but yours could be anything}

What you need:
A hot glue gun + plenty of refill glue sticks
Green, red and white felt, cut into triangles - 8 of each colour
8 small stars cut from the white felt
8 small christmas trees, cut from the green fabric
Gold and red glitter or beads
A roll of gold ribbon

  • Glue-gun the white stars into the centre of each red flag (on one side)
  • Glue-gun the green trees into the centre of each white flag (on one side)
  • Create a swirl of hot glue on each green flag and quickly sprinkle red or gold glitter (or beads) onto glue before glue sets. Alternatively, make a heart from hot glue. Shake excess glitter/beads off and voila! A gorgeous glittery shape. 

Roll out a length of gold ribbon from the roll but do not cut (yet). Leave a length of ribbon blank (for tying/attaching) then apply a stripe of hot glue onto the ribbon as shown, and quickly press on green flag. Leave a space, then another stripe of glue, attach a white flag. Leave a space. Apply another stripe of glue then attach a red flag.

Repeat process until all the flags have been attached, alternating which way the "decal" is facing so that you have some blank and some patterned on both sides.

Once you have used up all the flags, leave a length of ribbon long enough for tying/attaching and then trim.

Your bunting is now complete. See how easy that was?

This strand of bunting graces our dining room and brings out all the colours in my retro-kiwiana-teatowel cushioned room (I love the turquoise-green)...

I love this bunting. Love love love.

I'm wondering though, whether I should have probably ironed the flags before hanging them? They're a little crinkled from being stuffed inside a bag. But No. That might be taking things too far. 

Crafting-by-gluegun is one thing. Ironing is another thing altogether.


[Here's another version I made out of teatowels, dishcloths
and the straps off an electric blanket!]

[for a Baking Party]

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PaisleyJade said...

Oh I love it!! I need to get me a glue gun!!

Weza said...

your a clever cookie Simone!

Unknown said...

I love it!!
Whats the best fabric to buy for this??

Simoney said...

Lisa, get FELT.
It doesn't fray and will last for ages, plus it looks FAB!
Find some at an emporium...
super cheap too :)

Unknown said...

It looks fab, I love it! Off to get some felt! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Whoop - I think this crafting thing is contagious! and I am feeling festive :) Hopefully spotlights open late tonight!

Simoney said...

Hehehe, Lisa make sure you link up your bunting to my Christmas Linky so i can see how it turns out!

Cat said...

clever girl!!!

love and light

Katie said...

It looks awesome! Love it. I've been wanting a glue gun for a while...might have to hotfoot it to the Warehouse to get myself an early Christmas present :-)

Leonie said...

oh too cute Simone!!! It looks perfect in your dining room!
I love my glue guns too (oops did I use the plural? yes, I confess I own more than one... a little one and a big one!!)

Anonymous said...

Wow looks cool, what a great idea! And a glue gun - awesome idea! totally beats sewing & stick glue or double sided tape!

Hmmmm was trying to spy some dust bunnies.....couldn't see any! :)

Miriam said...

Wonderful crafting ... you might want to watch out you'll be writing a craft blog before you know it!

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