09 December 2011

A Coupla Things I'm Lovin'

I'm love-love-lovin that my big boy is learning his times tables.
Like, steaming ahead, thanks to the intervention of his Daddy.
Daddy set him a task - write out the six-times tables from scratch and I'll mark it, he said.
The Boy did it, using the "skip-counting" method. 100%.
The next morning, daddy tested him from memory... and he knew the whole lot.
{He's also not bad at Cricket}
The following day, seven-times tables. Same deal.
He knows them.
Then yesterday, he did a multiplication grid test and scored 25/25.
A perfect score in well under time limit.
Tested on all tables up to seven times.
His teacher literally fell over backwards.
This kid is SMART... but a bit on the lazy side.
The key to this learning? Daddy's involvement.
WTG Mista Gee. You rock.
I've been woop woopin all day.

The little guy is fully toilet trained during the day.
We are fully undie people now. No more nappies, no more wiping pooey bums for me, EVER.
And at night? We've been using Huggies Dry-Nites and they are awesome.
Plus, they are also DRY nearly every night.
More woop woopin over here.
My Christmas book is coming together nicely.
I am loving creating it.

I've cast my kids as various angels, having fun in Photoshop creating a turquoise Heaven.
This year, its a gift just for them.
Next year, who knows?
We might take it to the world.
I'm loving that my ma and pa are on Facebook.
Woop woop!
Welcome to the 21st century, my dears.
{I'm also kinda lovin' Facebook's new timeline layout. It's nice.}

Loving the sunny weather {though not the humidity}.
Loving one week left of school {bring on lazy mornings!}
Loving that Gail is back real soon for Christmas {so soon!}

Loving that my brother and his family will be spending Christmas with us. And my Parents. And my sister.
Almost the whole family together for the first time in nearly a decade.

Also loving that my folks are coming to watch my kids in their Christmas play for the first time ever on Sunday.

Can you tell I am feeling the joy of the season?
That would be the beautiful Christmas music effect... and the piney Christmas tree magic... plus my new "take each day as it comes" Christmas philosophy.
Loving this time of the year.
Woop woop.


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jacksta said...

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Scrag on his toilet training achievement, and Dash on his maths! :)

Carey Morris said...

Our sons must have teamed up and decided to stop mucking their mothers around and get the toilet training busso over and done with. My lad is also super undie boy with almost nightly dry pullups. The best christmas pressie ever!

Lyns said...

They are all very cool things xx

CHD said...

Well done to your son with the times tables. A challange set by Dad to do all the times tables up to 12 word perfect was a motivator for my boy and meant a dinner and bowling outing with just Dad when it was done. It took a few attempts, but no. 1 son got it and now no. 2 son is working towards it. Great having Dad invloved. Cx

Sammy said...

Yes I can feel your joy- love it!!!

Seaside Siblings said...

Love your book- so sweet and special.

Zohaib Ansari said...

Congrats Nice book
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Miriam said...

book looks awesome I've decided to do a book of my own next year too - maybe we can team up and be famous together!!

PaisleyJade said...

I'm so loving all the great news and Christmassy love going on here (and your header is amazing!!).

Rachel Kate said...

Loving your list!! Sounds like you are really enjoying life :) xo

Trees said...

The book looks beautiful!

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