04 December 2011

I Found My Christmas Spirit

Right now my husband is up north somewhere on a boys weekend with Scrag, and church is going on without me, though my kids are there practising for their Christmas play.
We have a new venue today, at the Viaduct Events Centre. It's raining. It's humid indoors and windy out.
I walked into the service and had to walk right back out again, as a feeling of panic overwhelmed me.
Its been so long since I've had a panic at Church, but today, the stuffiness, the echoing new venue, being on my own, the crowd - and the fact I forgot to take my meds - it all conspired against me.

I left, stuffing in my earplugs, holding back the tears.
I'll be back to pick the kids up in forty-five minutes, I told the teachers, before I fled.

As I pointed my car towards the sanctuary of home, Christmas music was playing - a new album I downloaded yesterday from Hillsong Music, thanks to a song shared by Meredy.

Joyful, it is. Uplifting, gentle, beautiful.
Kind of folky and guitar-picky.
So I've been playing it loud {loud for me, anyway}.

O Holy Night came on, my favourite Christmas song ever.
There I am, on the Motorway, singing at the top of my voice, with tears rolling down, and it hit me.
This is what Christmas is about.

Truly He taught us to love one another,
His law is love and His gospel is peace.
Chains he shall break, for the slave is our brother.
And in his name all oppression shall cease.
Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we,
With all our hearts we praise His holy name.
Christ is the Lord! Then ever, ever praise we,
His power and glory ever more proclaim!

This is Christmas. (His law is Love and His Gospel is Peace).
Without a sense of gratitude and wonder for the King who was born in a Stable, the One who came to show us God's love with skin on, its all just nice-but-empty tradition.

Celebrating Him IS the Spirit of Christmas.
Christmas is not just about "Giving" in an abstract sense, it's about the Greatest Gift ever given. The ultimate sacrificial Gift of a Life; the life of Someone who had Everything but gave it all up so He could share it with us.
The "Everything" meant nothing unless He had loved ones to share it with.
Isn't that true?

This sense of Jesus at Christmas has been building up for me.
I'm writing a book, actually. A Christmas book for my Kids. Maybe next year I'll look for a publisher, but this year I'm making a book for them about the story of Christmas, from Heaven's point of view.
Focusing on the Story has set me up for this sense of meaning.
Take the Spiritual aspect away and its still lovely and nice... but for me, somehow lacking.
That's what I've struggled with in Christmases gone by.
But this year, I am going to play "Born is the King" and "O Holy Night" and "Come let us adore him" up loud on my stereo.
I am going to spend time creating the Christmas Book for my children.
I am going to find ways to honour my King by following the Law of Love.

This morning, in spite of a shaky start, I am sitting here grateful to have found the Christmas Spirit at the start of the season.

Here's a gorgeous clip of the Christmas story {put together by my friend's church} to help you find it too.

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Sophie said...


Hey Simoney, thinking of you and sending you lots of bloggy love. I think you might like this post and this writer Ann Voskamp. She has an amazing way of looking at things.... Can't wait to read your new book. LOts and lots of love from over the pond Sx

Sammy said...

Aw Simoney, I wish I had known my friend. I went on my own too and could have taken you for a coffee to catch your breath xxx

Leonie said...

hugs Simone
Cant wait to hear more about your Christmas book! What a perfect idea for you to do!

Im struggling with Christmas this year - have just filled my ipod with songs about the reason for the season...to try to remember what its all about.
but homesick, missing our own christmas tree and the meaningful decorations...
Want to celebrate Jesus' birth but want the rest of fanfare around christmas to just disappear...

Jen said...

It wasnt til last night that I found the Christmas spirit either
must be something going around

Ive actually been rather tired (then couldnt go to sleep til the early hours) and down for about a week
had lunch with a friend today she needed company I think it helped me too

Laura said...

Over here, I find it so ironic that the time of year that is all about PEACE and JOY, is filled more and more with stress and spending and endless running in the wrong direction. I am amazed when I hear/read about "need to get out the decorations" or "gotta get the Christmas card portrait done"...and "almost done with my shopping!!!" I have yet to hear "Better get to church!!!!!!" of "A KIng is soon to be born!!!!"

We are on such a path of destruction.
It makes me crazy. And sad.
And people wonder why they have lost the Christmas spirit!!!!
The SPIRIT is Christ Himself, giving Himself to each and everyone of us.
It is The HOLY spirit.
The Savior that everyone is searching for, whether they know it or not.

I am so happy you found your spirit.
Christmas does not come to us in a package with a bow, but rather, as a poor baby, born of a poor young girl, in a dirty old stable.

Hang onto that spirit, my dear.
Write that book!!!!
Wipe those tears!
You are so loved.


love you

Widge said...

Loving Laura's comment!

Simoney said...


PaisleyJade said...

Love the clips - love Laura's comment - and loving you Simone!

remaliah said...

I love what Laura said, too!! So true about the stress and spending vs the peace. O Holy Night is also my favourite!! I've been listening to Chris Tomlin's version over and over (trying carefully not to overdo it!)...the words just really strike me with the beauty, love and truth of Christ.
Thank you so much for your comment this morning on my post. Made my day :) xx

dearfutureme... said...

A book - great idea! Sorry to hear about your upsetting morning. I love how God turns all things around for good - you had the epiphany you needed. :-) xx

Cat said...

love to you S

Love and light

Rachel Kate said...

Love this post :) and yeah, O holy night my fav carol too!

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