28 July 2010

Happy Fabulous Birthday

5.16am on a wintry Wednesday morning she pushed her way out into the world, six years ago today.

Abigail: Father's Joy
Grace: God's Favour

My dreamed-of daughter. My own personal air-raid siren. My fashion conscience. Owner of sweet velvet cheeks and a raucous laugh. Possessor of incredible upper body strength and uncanny insight.

You know I love you more than chocolate, more than air, more than the sky.
I love your creativity, your compassion.
I love your sense of adventure and the way you persevere when the going gets tough.
I love watching girly movies and 60-Minute Makeover with you snuggled up close.
I love your goodnight kisses and the way your eyes light up at the thought of fun.

I love our little word signals: "Shall we skip??"
Nobody knows what that means except me. And you.
I love to fall about laughing with you.

I don't mind that I have to bake and cook and shop gluten free for you.
I'm proud of your bravery. Proud that you didn't flinch when you had to get your blood test. Proud that you take your medicine without a fight.
Proud of your resilience and your uncomplaining good grace about your new diet. How when the others got a muffin and you got... fruit salad... you said, "YUM!"
I love that you love sushi and carrot and mussels.
I'm sorry that gluten free bread tastes disgusting.
I promise to hunt down a recipe for something better.

You, daughter, you are a blessing. A loud crazy wild blessing, but a blessing just the same.
And I am so glad that out of all the little girls in the whole wide world... I got the very best one.

Happy Sixth Birthday Abby.
Love from Mummy
July 28 2010

(Miss Fab's Birth Story HERE)

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alicia said...

What a sweet tribute to your daughter. I am actually working on one of these as we speak for my daughter's 9th b-day coming up and am struggling. Great pics. Beautiful words. Bravo, mama.

Tammy said...

Very touching!! I love those pictures and look at those eyelashes! I want them!!! :) Happy Birthday!

Kathleen said...

How lovely :) Happy Birthday Abby!!

PS...my friend makes the most lovely gluten free bread for her little boy, even a hardened gluten lover like me thinks it's tasty :) I'll get her recipe & send it to you!

Leslie said...

so beautiful. Happy Birthday to Abby!!!!! and mom and dad ~ since it's our day too

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This will blog will be a very special tribute for each of your kids to read as they get older.

P.S. I "guest posted" your recipe yesterday on my blog - thanks!

Widge said...

Beautiful! Happy Birthday Miss fab!!!

banban said...

Lovely post! Happy Birthday Abby.

Leonie said...

Happy birthday, what a beautiful post.

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy birthday Miss Fab!

Sammy said...

Happy birthday darling Miss Fab. Lots of love from all of us xxx

Kate said...

Hi Simone
Happy Birthday to Miss Fab from Bethan - hope we see you guys again soon.
So sorry to hear about the gluten free thing, but it gets easier. Have you tried Burgen GF bread? It's much nicer than any of the others... otherwise, we invested in a breadmaker and when we remember to do it, the bread from that tastes yummy!
How did the bedroom make over go?
Hope to see you all soon,
Kate xxxx

Kat said...

Aww that is so beautiful it gave me teary eyes.
What a lucky girl she is to have you and you her.
I hope she has a magical b'day!

Fiona said...

I got teary eyes too. What a treasure for Miss Fab to have that beautiful tribute on record for years to come - esp. the teenage years when she's unsure where she fits in. xxx

Lyn said...

ahhh so sweet, I can imagine Miss Fab reading this again when she's a teenager and realising just how much her mummy has always loved her. These kind of posts are, I think, one of the best things about blogging...the fact that kids will one day read back over all the posts (hopefully!) and realise just how much their mummy cared about all the big AND little things they did :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Miss Fab! And well done Mum and Dad, for raising such a wonderful little girl. The last line, about getting the very best one...oh I'm tearing up. Beautiful post Simone!

Sophie said...

Happy Birthday Miss Ab Fab!!

Anonymous said...

This is such a lovely post to your daughter. I hope she had a great birthday.

Shell said...

Happy, happy birthday to her!!!

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