04 July 2010

It Had to Happen Sometime...

...and yesterday it finally did. On a crisp and misty Saturday morning our gorgeous bunch of football hunnies finally suffered their first defeat.

Even though they lost, the team can hold their heads up high; they played with all they had.

The opposition was also unbeaten and had been top of their division. We were down a few key players. Their coach/ref was an ass - he really was!! (nit-picking and constantly stopping the game) But I am not making excuses. We lost, I accept that.

But at the end of the game Coach Dad told them he was even prouder of them today than on the days they had won. I think we all were.

Nervous, Dash??? He's not usually a nail biter, but this game really was.

 Miss Fab sipped on her hot chocolate, promising to leave some for Scrag...

Hey, it's all gone! Scrag complains. Twenty seconds later he's wearing hot chocolate all over his hand-knitted Arran jumper (don't worry grandma, I got the stains out) 

Not wanting to psyche out his team with how formidable their opponents actually are, Coach Dad tells them, They're a good team, they're unbeaten, but so are we. We can win this!

It's non-stop running and tackling for both teams. Our team only have one sub and a key midfielder having to play defense...

At half-time it's 1-0 to them. But our team are still confident. other teams playing these guys in the past have been down 7-0 already at this stage of the game. We are competing hard.

The other team score again after half time, it's now 2-0. Our boys don't give up.

It's a physical game. There's some hard tackles and balls to the face. Our lads (and lass) get back up, brush off their tears and keep on fighting. Finally, a breakthrough. My little Football Star kicks an unstoppable blinder of a goal and the crowd goes wild... it's 2-1. Then the whistle blows. It's all over.

In the team huddle it's hard for the boys to hold back their tears. They are quite an intense highly-wired bunch; they played with all their hearts and this is their first loss.

Coach Dad tells them, "I'm so proud of you. You all gave 100%. This team is the best team in the league; their scorelines have been 12-0. We held them to 2-1. You played excellent! If I had more than one trophy I would give it to each and every one of you..."

With his arm around the shoulders of one bereft little chap, he picks them out one by one and tells them exactly what each one did that made him so proud.

Our first time doing the Moro Moment couldn't have come at a better time (a lovely idea from Janice the Manager).

Each of us parents then hands our child a mini-Moro bar, and we tell them what made us proud of them too
So we give three cheers for the opposition, hip-hooray, hip-hooray, hip-hooray, and one for the Ref.
Wipe away tears, blow noses and walk away with heads held high. Yes it's a loss. But it's not a defeat, because our team are winners at heart, every one.

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Ann said...

Seddon fields? Beautiful morning and great shots. We were there yesterday too but playing with five year olds is a little more chaotic and much less competitive! A lot of "watch the ball Charlie, Tom, Harry" and "Wrong way, wrong way. Kick the other way!!!"

Simoney said...

Yes Seddon Fields!! Good spotting Ann!

Weza said...

Wow your hubby is an excellent coach! What an encourager, those children really are blessed to be so well cared for. Three cheers for the coach!

Sophie said...

awww, brave Dash and team!

Anonymous said...

So glad Dash scored and Coach Dad is just the best :)

Anonymous said...

love it!
such a tough part of life...but it is a reality
thank God for amazing coaches like Coach G and good parents who encourage and praise
love and light

ps love the pics of Miss Fab and Scrag lol

Anonymous said...

oh ka pai! What an awesome coach, and I love the idea of a "moro moment."

Go Dash!! Tino pai!

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