11 July 2010

Painting Clouds

Here is a painted storm.
Actually, my vision of a storm that has just passed.

See the sludgey grey waters, calm?
See the skies beginning to lighten, though still moody?

The landscape is drenched and sodden, relieved the storm is over.
The clouds still roil above but the storm is moving away and calm is settling over the waves.

The painting reflects my week past.
There have been storms and tears, some mine.
But the storm is passing, moving away.
I feel a little like the landscape, sodden and drenched, relieved the storm has passed.

I'm so proud of this painting. I managed to capture my emotions on canvas in a way that looks beautiful, if slightly dreary. I've never painted clouds before.

Thank Goodness that storms do pass and the sun comes out again.

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Widge said...

awesome Simoney!
and glad the storm is rolling away XO

PaisleyJade said...

You have captured it so well - and I too am so glad that storms do eventually pass. xox

Weza said...

Enjoy the sunshine my friend. xxx

Jen said...

awesome painting
hope you have a better coming week

banban said...

I love it, full of feeling.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Simone x

Do you know the song 'Praise you in this storm' by Casting Crowns?

Sarah said...

Amazing clouds and a very powerful and emotive scene. I'm glad this week is behind you and hope the sun really can break through. Very sorry to hear it's been a tough week and wish you all the very best.

Anonymous said...

This looks just beautiful =) The clouds are amazing...they look so real.


Brigitte said...

That is a wonderful talent you have - to capture so much emotion in a painting that is so beautiful and personal. You TOTALLY should be proud of this!
Hope this week is full of calm seas and blue skies for you xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Simoney!
I LOVE this
I can really feel the emotions...all of them...and they are...all...equally....beautiful!
just like you!
love and light
(I agree with Brigette...you TOTALLY should be proud of this!)

alicia said...

Beautiful work girl! Really!! Amazing.

Gail said...

Very cool chickie!

Kat said...

I love it! You are very clever and I have always found clouds beautiful.
It definitely captures your feelings/emotions.
Sounds a bit like my week.
I am glad the storm has passed for you and I hope it has for me too.
I love your blog. Thanks for keeping it so real, you are inspiring with your honesty and openess.
It is a rare thing amongst Mothers I have found.
Keep sharing! :)

Amy Sullivan said...

There's something about clouds that make me feel so small...and that's a good thing! First time I've visited your blog!

Sophie said...

Glad that the storm is passing Simoney... hope you enjoy the holiday :) Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Boy i'm seriously i-m-p-r-e-s-s-e-d.


count it all joy said...

Simoney, that painting is so evocative. Next time you feel the clouds rolling in, I hope you look at this painting and remember that the clouds do indeed roll out again, revealing the glorious sunshine. Glad things are on the improve:) Meredy xo.
p.s. is there no end to your talents?

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